Left 4 Dead Update - 11th Mar.

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Postby Jinx » Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:34 pm

Updates to Left 4 Dead have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Versus Mode Changes
* Tank melee attack can now hit multiple Survivors in one swing
* Fixed Tank punch being able to hit targets behind walls
* Fixes to 'Tank parking'. The Tank will now run back and attack the Survivors if he becomes AI due to two players expiring the frustration meter
* Fixed a case where a Tank frustration meter could run out right as he was in his death animation and he would come back to life
* Fixed a case where the Tank was moving too slowly while crouching and being shot
* Tanks now have the possibility of spawning in a slightly different position for the first and second teams
* The order that the teams play as Survivors is now determined by which team has the higher overall score. The winning team will play as Survivors first
* The Smoker tongue can now target and grab victims through common infected
* Increased the cone in which a Smoker can grab a target
* The Witch no longer cuts Smoker tongues in a radius around her
* Boomers that explode in mid-air will now hit Survivors directly below them with Bile
* Reduced the damage that burning Hunters do to pounced victims
* Adjusted the time at which players take over from bots to avoid 5 seconds of the bot standing idle while the player finishes connecting.
* Fixed some cases where versus score was not being recalculated properly. It is no longer beneficial to pass pills between players at the end of the round or heal other players and then shoot them
* Fixed a case where it was possible to spectate an AI infected and hit +use to take them over

Server Changes
* Added convar sv_gametype that allows server operators to limit the types of games that will start on their server. Default value is 'coop,versus'. Can be changed to just 'coop' or just 'versus' to limit to those game types

General changes
* Fixed a case where players would join as a dead Survivor when a living Survivor was still available
* Fixed a case where restarting a level due to the team dying would give more than the max primary ammo on restart
* Fixed the speaking icon showing up on the local player during level transition if voice_vox was set to 1
* The scoreboard now shows the numeric value of a player's ping

* Quick match will now try to match to any campaign. Removed the preference to match to games according to the player progressing through all campaigns
* Games in a finale are now joinable via the Friends and Steam Group games list

Other technical issues:
* I'm hearing reports of people having problems with the tank punch not hitting multiple people, but it seemed to work alright for me last night, accidentally hitting a second person that I wasn't even aiming for.
* By "reduced" fire pounce damage, Valve means no additional damage done by fire. Whether this is intentional or not is unclear (the wording doesn't suggest it's completely removed), but now play is somewhat more realistic with fire being a clear danger to all players.
* Some weird things happening with achievements in general. It seems like if you had the Outbreak achievement then after the patch you lost Outbreak but gained Lamb 2 Slaughter, with some people losing other achievements they already had.
* Bots are now being counted as a player [bug?] so you may be seeing some strange values for number of players in game.
* On the issue of little or no dedicated servers being found, the patch seems to have introduced a huge host of problems to servers. Some servers had files corrupted from the patch and need to be redownloaded while some have been fixed with a small change to the server config. For some reason in the config the gametype is not setup correctly and it appears some of the master servers have changed so if you have any "setmaster" lines in your config you should remove them:

Code: Select all
sv_steamgroup "number" // remove this line if not using sv_steamgroup
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1 // remove this line if not using sv_steamgroup_exclusive
sv_search_key "key" // remove this line if not using sv_search_key
sv_gametypes "coop,versus" // do not remove and must be set last

Other than that, what do you guys think? Seems to be a good patch all around, tank parking is pretty much useless now, the tank can more easily / quickly get into vents / behind the elevator in NM4, and now it's not necessary to heal other teammates or pass pills between each other at all once reaching the saferoom--just grab extra medpacks and close the door as soon as you get to the finish :O. I'm kinda sad that the hunter fire damage has been removed, but I like how the focus is once again being brought back to the more skillful high distance pounces. And the smoker is even more awesome now holy cow. I haven't yet seen it in action, but a smoker pull during a boomer sounds like it could cause real chaos.
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Postby Rayne » Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:44 pm

I haven't gotten around to playing as of yet, but almost all of the changes look good to me on paper thus far. Especially them giving me the numeric value of my ping without me having to go and turn on net_graph. Little bars do nothing for me. :<
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Postby Jinx » Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:03 pm

<3 Valve

Updates to Left 4 Dead have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Left 4 Dead
* Fixed sv_search_key appearing in server browser
* Fixed issue where changing the sv_search_key did not update the master correctly
* Fixed master server issue with Linux fork mode that affected availablity of Valve dedicated servers
* Tank melee attack can now hit multiple Survivors in one swing
* Missed from the previous list changes: Fixed acheivements to match stats. Past achievements not previously awarded will be shown in the game UI

So now hopefully we can join servers again \o/
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Postby Taross » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:12 pm

That explains how I was suddenly awarded with "Lamb 2 Slaughter" when I had only done a commentary game to show it to someone.
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