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Postby Derterifii » Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:43 am

Well, hello everyone. Sit down, take a load off.
My name is Derterifii, both here and on Steam. Please don't send me a friend request unless I've met you in-game, or on-forum (in a positive light) as I'll probably ignore it.
Lessee... I'm a well rounded gamer, I play a little bit of every genre except sports (unless you want to include Bloodbowl.) I love RPG's, yet not many have grabbed my interest as of late...
Favorite game mode for... well... anything is Capture the Flag.
I want to start a "Let's Play/First Impressions" series with a couple of friends, and am working (semi) hard at making it happen. I put down TF2 for a while, because there were other games out, and TF2 just started to lose my interest. after picking it back up, I began to remember why. No one plays as the medic, Engineers setting their level 3 turret up at the ENEMY's Intel, no one plays as the medic, Spies that don't know what they were doing, and NO ONE PLAYS AS THE BLOODY MEDIC!!
(after a while, I got pretty good with the medic. wonder why.)
Anyhow, I haven't played any games on the servers (yet) but I'll definitely be looking to remedy that.
so keep an eye out for me. I'll be the medic with a surgery mask, and an Amputator.
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