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Postby Fernin » Thu Nov 27, 2008 1:42 am

Full Name: Fernin Lucine Ker

Species/Subspecies: Canis Lupus Occidentalis (Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf)

Anatomy: Canine, Proportionate

Age: 20

Height: 1.54 Meters (5 ft. 1 in.)

Weight: 71 Kilograms (157 Lbs)

Sexual Orientation: Predominatly Gay, though I will do vore readily enough and if coerced properly will yiff with females or herms.

World Archetype: Neo-midevil, comparable to 14th century earth though with the addition of some magics and extensive use of steam technology.

History: Fernin’s history is rather unremarkable; he is the son of an accomplished blacksmith and until his seventeenth birthday had followed the family tradition. But upon coming of age he decided to leave home and see what adventures he can seek out in the wide world. Two years since the day he left his home he still wanders from place to place in search of whatever mysteries, be they good or ill life chooses to bring him.

Abilities and Skills: In the tradition of his clan he is a very accomplished unarmed fighter and is often noted for his great acrobatic agility, a trait uncommon to canine breeds. He is also a skilled blacksmith, hunter, and has slight training in gem and jewelry crafting.

Physical Description(Flesh): Fernin stands roughly five feet one inch tall. His body is lean and lightly toned with no visible scars or malformations. His belly fur, chest fur, the insides of his thighs, tail hole area, and underside of tail are all the color of tarnished silver while that which covers the rest of his body is dark blue-grey. His hair is dark red in color with premature grey/silver highlights and is waist length on all sides, he generally wears it loose and it covers his upper body like a shroud. His eyes are an eerie white-blue, so light that they are almost solid white. His feet are like that of a wolves’ with a paw like structure and long nails, though he stands plantigrade like humans, but due to the structure of his feet he wears no shoes of any kind.

Latex Fernin: A sub-character of the normal Fernin whom is made of a material that is similar to latex and vinyl in look, feel, and scent. However unlike most constructs of similar form he is more resilient rather than more delicate than his flesh form. He is physically stronger, the surface of his skin can not be easily penetrated by fangs or blades, he is extremely resilient to blunt trauma, and if damaged he can repair his body. Further more in the synthetic form he requires neither oxygen nor food to survive. However despite not requiring food in any formal form he is played as something of a predator by his player and is commonly used in a variety of vore scenes.

He keeps the same color pattern, though his color and luster can change depending on his mood or need for camouflage. Rather than having fur or any texture his body is smooth and sleek. His tail in the elastic form can stretch or contract to lengths as short as a foot or as long as thirty feet. It no longer resembles a wolf tail so much as is does a thick and muscular tentacle like appendage, though it keeps the same color pattern as his tail. His hair remains the same length though it looses most of its definition. In the change most of the individual strands fuse into thicker strands creating an almost dreadlock like appearance (think similar to the dreadlocks of the Predator).

Jewelry: Two small rings in the upper portion of his right ear, the upper one silver, the lower gold and a small sapphire pendant on a silver chain around his neck.

Clothing: Soft fabrics, usually tunic like in design, though he prefers soft dress like garments when in long term dwellings. Preferred colors are black, dark blues and dark greens.

Body Type: Skinny, but not underfed looking, more like a thin well proportioned woman, sans breast and wide thighs of course.

Nail color: black, not painted but natural

Ears: High up like feral canines, the left one is somewhat ragged looking owing to his
love of having his ears chewed on

Tail: Roughly six feet long, prehensile; result of a genetic aberration

Glasses: Small narrow square framed, black metal, thin

Teeth: natural canine

Personality: Same as mine more or less.

Current Theme Song: Oingo Boingo - Insanity



I've got another pic in the works by K-Inukai but it's not done yet.
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Postby Angry_Squirrel » Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:09 am

Only because it's conveniently located, am I posting in here to DISPEL-! the idea and concept that A) because I come here and regular the server/forum and B) because I have an animal reference in my name, that I must necessarily be a furry. I am not.

I have no idea where the name came from, I just started using it one day in sophomore year, during Tuesday computer club (quake III demo mostly...). It was different, eyebrow-raising, and funny. Since that was a FPS, of course I kept the name Angry Squirrel to computer club, continuing to use my original name of ChronoSquare elsewhere. Since TF2 is a FPS, logically I would use the more fitting "action-y" name set aside for it. There was one other game I used it in where spaces weren't allowed, which necessitated the use of the underscore for a final Angry_Squirrel. However, I can't remember what game that was... probably something with my friends.

I am who I am and nothing more, and I've never thought of myself in another way. There is not some other "me" who's all covered in fur and has a bushy tail. The closest that gets - the character Angry Squirrel - is nothing more than that; just a character who I view no differently than any other character that I've drawn. Bias might be shown for Angry Squirrel, only because of the design; it was inspired by driving home one day listening to a song over and over again, "I think I'm going insane." As can be plainly seen, it's not like Angry Squirrel is really even much of a squirrel any more...


I identify myself MUCH more with this depiction BTW, Chrono the Chronarch. Who is a human.


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Postby guno » Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:51 am

Name: Edward Will Brooks ((middle and last name pending honestly))
Age: 17
Gender: M ((Though Occasionally turns female through spells and such))
Species: Were-Jaguar ((If you've ever read Gold Digger, those kinds of weres))
Height: 5' 9'' or so
Weight: 130ish
Family: None

*he wears a skin tight suit, hes not nekids :V*

Hes a mage, so he mostly fights with magic, aside from some minor hand to hand combat training.
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Postby Kellervo » Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:09 am

Uhh... yanked this right off of yiffchat (still looking for the goddamn impostor so I can give 'em a piece of my mind). The description itself is the one I had for the longest time, before I became an art whore.

The shark-dragon before you stands around 6'6, with a fairly more muscular figure then when you last saw him. His former slender figure is now probably a good twenty pounds heavier with muscle, all fairly well defined, the abdominal region and his legs are in particular a bit more defined and slightly more built, a firm but shallow six-pack and strong, powerful thighs and ankles giving him a very solid, stable lower body. His elbows are finned, with the left one featuring a slight cut into it, the one on his right relatively unmarked. Between his shoulder blades is his dorsal fin, which looks a bit ragged along the top curve.

His tail is about as long as he is tall, smooth right up until his tailfin, which resembles that of a thresher shark, the top fin being a fair bit longer then the bottom, with a sharper curve. The tail seems fairly prehensile, at least compared to other sharks.

Kell's skin has a nearly uniform hue throughout his entire body, a light blue, royal hue. It fades to a near snow-white near his belly, and brightens further as one nears his private regions. It has a rough look to it, its obviously rather smooth, and as one nears his back and sides, there's a few faded scars here and there. Perhaps he used to get it a bit rough. On either side of his neck are four thin slits, situated at the very base, presumably his gills.

His snout is appropriately sharkish, short and triangular with a bit of a boxy nature to it, and lacking in nostrils due to their lack of use. Like a feral shark, he has more then one row of teeth, featuring two himself, each tooth in this living bear trap is sharp, with a slight hook, but each is obviously cared for. His eyes a bright gold, a bit unnatural for a shark, typically glowing with warmth and energy. His dragon heritage comes through in the form of a pair of earfins and a mane.

The mane itself is a ice blue, though darker in color. It almost looks like its gelled into place, but running a claw through it would prove that it just looks shiny, yet feels like any other hair. Most of it is combed or guided back between his earfins, not going any lower then the middle of his neck, with a couple errant bangs hanging over his eyes. His earfins are shaped like a 'standard' pair of fins, just a bit longer then normal, positioned where a drake would have its own ears.

His fingertips are naturally smooth, and his hands closely resemble that of a humanoid dragon. His paws are clawed, though the black, sharp talons are otherwise hidden from sight unless needed. The same goes for his feet claws, which are almost always hidden away. His feet are digigrade, and he moves on land with incredible grace not normally seen in a sea-faring creature.

His outfit has changed. Gone are the shorts and t-shirt, replaced with a pair of black cargo pants and arm gloves. The gloves go from wrist to just past his elbows, held in place with a strap and buckle just before his biceps. His pants are held up with a brown belt, and a chain dangles from one belt loop, leading to something hidden away in one pocket.
Pictures at:

http://s187.photobucket.com/albums/x227 ... 89/Keller/
http://e621.net/post?page=1&tags=keller (yes, pictures of me make up over a quarter of all the goddamn shark art in the furdom now .-.)
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I'm a shaaark!
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Postby Helios » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:13 am

Well Keller, you can have the pride of being a rarity in the fandom. Kind of like me, but avians are a tad more populous now thanks to events that may or may not have anything to do with me >v>

And Doom, this state ain't big enough for the two of us >3
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Postby RumRunner » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:27 am

eh what event are you talking about helios?
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Postby Dakk » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:22 pm

Keller=Epicist shark man ever!!! O_O

I can see it now... His dad was reacently seen 'rocking out' with a group of kids as he played the drums...

His mom was.... Well... >> She didn't like humans so much and she went on a rampage, having to be put down with a oxygen tank, and a rifle. Such a shame :cry: :cry:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxGk36HP ... re=related

On the other hand, Keller's Cusion, Jim.. Was born! Though he was partailly hammer head, you can see the family resimblence :P Jim made quite the box office smash in his thriller.. "SHARKMAN!"

((PS: Sorry but I couldn't resist Keller, :3 And I know this isn't a fursona but...Hehe ^^ :D :D ^^ WORTH IT!))
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Postby Kellervo » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:46 pm

I love the one line I made out of that trailer. "ITS HIM, GET IN THE WATER!"

I also like to say one of my uncles was responsible for Samuel L. Jackson's death in Deep Blue Sea. :V
I'm a shaaark
I'm a shaaark!
You know what to do. :v
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Postby Dakk » Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:48 pm

Your uncle is a God Among Fishies...
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Postby Jade » Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:36 pm

Nice, Dakk. :D

I just have to say, people have taken a lot more to this thread than I expected. I'd mostly expected a short description of fursonas along the lines of what I had for my own. But I guess people like showing off the deeper aspects of their fursonas a lot more than expected, which is good! I did start this thread as a place in the forum for people to show off their fursonas, or apparently in some cases other online personas. So keep it up! :D

Also, thanks to Ayeaka. I'll take that as a compliment, even though in that pic my horse fursona's bits are flaccid... x3;
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