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Heya. Just call me Neil. I'm a story writer. After being inspired by Nex Canis's fantastic story series, I started on my path as a writer when I was 16, February 2011. I'm now 17, and I'm glad to say my writing style has improved tenfold from then!

If you're interested having your fursona placed in my story please keep in mind the following guidelines:

1. Read the current chapters first, and/or familiarize yourself with the story.
2. I don't mean to be a douche, but I only want people who are interested in the story to be placed in it, as it will serve as motivation for me overall.
3. Acknowledge the fact you most likely will not have full control over your fursona, as I will need to adjust it slightly to fit in with the plot.

Keep in mind, the story that I'm writing, "Embodiment", contains the genres of Fantasy, Suggestive Gay-themed (No Yiff though), Combat via Powers/Guns, Drama, Mind-fucking story plot, and Supernatural Mortals and Ascended Beings.

Here's a short preview to the story:

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   The No One landed back onto the white floors of Naught, turning back around to exit the Library.

   As he turned to travel back the way he came, he was interrupted abruptly by a tremendous shaking of the entire Reality-

   -no, not just the entire reality. His vision began to shimmer profusely as his concentration began shattering, causing the Library of Realities to slowly dissipate to nothing. "GAH," he shouted, before falling to a knee, catching himself before he lost his balance. The Writer's unseen eyes widened once he realized what was happening...


   Only the raw power of Benediction, the mighty weapon of EX the Existent, would cause every single Reality to experience a quake, the No One Realities suffering greater due to the fact one of their own is causing such a thing. Thankfully, mortal Realities would only experience a slight tremor...

   Slowly regaining his concentration, the Writer elegantly rose to his feet once more. The last time EX used Benediction, the quaking seemed to go on forever; he thought it was best to end it before it becomes more of a direct influence to any Reality.

   The Writer closed his eyes as his entire being was enveloped in a golden aura. His body eased up off the ground, the golden gem-like object in his platebody letting out a hum, glowing a bright gold. After mere seconds of the latter taking place, a booming voice echoed through Naught:

   "Eternal Quelling!"

   Instantly, a shockwave of gold and white light surged out of his body, spreading to the ends of Naught. Moments after the shockwave's unleash, the quake had slowly come to a stop, enticing the No One to open his eyes to view the vast white of Naught once more.

   ...only to raise a brow inquisitively at the unlit space of light in his endless vision of Realities.

   EX must have destroyed Lavaria...

   Furrowing his brow, the Writer shook his head both in disbelief and disregard. Sure, EX just destroyed a Reality, but he must have his reasons. He'd have to ask EX about that when he gets the chance...

   Sighing, the No One advanced further on.

   "Just what are you up to, EX...?"

Rawr, well if you enjoyed that bit of it, be sure to check out the rest on my FA/Sofurry!




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Thanks for reading fuzzies ;). Add me/message me on SF/FA if you'd like to know more about being placed in or just about the story overall!
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