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Postby fesworks » Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:45 pm

Well, two maps actually... here is the first:

I played this map a few months after TF2 came out... I can't remember the name...

It was a 5-point capture map, with standstills being very common.

It was a walled-in, "long" map, where you could rocket-jump to the boundary walls (with the invisible walls) and walk around the edges and to the middle wall. There was even a health pack or two up there in some versions.

Basically, each team spawns at either end. The middle was mostly a tall wall, with a cap point in the middle, with a shorter wall on each teams' side. There were ramps the lead up to to the middle point area. Also along this middle wall, was a higher ground than the rest of the map, that ran the course of the wall. Map decorations on each side of the middle point included a large propane tank.

There was also 2 simple, straight sewers that ran under the middle wall, to each team's side.

depending on the version, the 2 points were usually on a much higher ground... almost like a tower... about as tall as the middle wall. Excellent sniping point if you could hold it.

The first point was simple, and almost right out of the spawn, which was shielded from snipers by a big wall, and had a wide, deep ramp going down to the main areas.

There where also a couple of ramps that went off to the side of the walls, where Engineer's could dispenser jump up to the side walls I mentioned earlier....

If noone can tell me what this map is, I guess I'll try to draw it from what I remember.

The 2nd map is a short CTF... and I think the name reflected that as well. Basically it's even shorter than Mach4. There is a set-up time with 2 main areas for each time. The main-main area was the middle rooms for each team. Lots of pillars, and during the set-up time, there where garage doors (with windows?) down. Again, pillars line the sides and things are very close a chaotic. The "flag room" areas, basically have a shielded "pulpit" area where the flag is. There are areas off to the sides that also connect to the spawn that is right behind the flag.... this is a super chaotic map since everyone ends up being so close to each other and pillars and doorways. You'd think it'd be bad for a spy, but a spy can also get away if found because of all the confusion.

Any help?
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Postby Jinx » Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:17 pm

Hmm... kinda hard to tell from your descriptions, especially since these maps don't sound too familiar. The capture point one might be cp_sandtrap? Kinda looks like it... and the capture the flag one sounds like ctf_impact2. If nobody else can shed some light on this I'd suggest taking a look at FPSBANANA's TF2 maps. You may have to wade through a lot of them before you find the one you're looking for though :P
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Postby fesworks » Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:50 am

Nah, niether are it. Though Sandtrap looks awesome! o_O

I'll take a look, and post here if I find it. But not tonite. sleeeeepy.
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