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Postby Zareth » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:59 am

gonna throw something out for Scout.

1. dont jump around, strafe instead. When you jump around it is way easier to hit you.
2. Dont hold down "a" and then hold down "d" back and forth. Erratically switch between short holds and taps. and once in a while stop for half a second. (it works surprisingly well if you dont over do it.)
3. instead of "twitching" to aim at the opposing scout, use your movement to aim. When they move into your crosshair, click.

1. Once again DO NOT jump around all the time. If he is a decent soldier he will easily predict where you are going to land, and then juggle you.
2. While I say don't jump around, try to jump over their heads and land a good meatshot while they figure out what happened.
3.Flank them

1. Jump if they use stickies, otherwise just strafe the pipes. Most demos now are using the targe, so its even easier pickings. You make a demos life hell, so remember that.
2. you can attack them head on if they don't have stickies down.
3. if they try to use stickies offensively against you, get close to them if possible. they wont be able to damage you and your scattergun does a lot of damage at that range.

1. they are easy if they do not have a sentry up yet or they have a sentry building. a fun tip as well, if the sentry is in upgrade animation (IE: Level 2 to level 3) its completely vulernable. with some luck you can destroy it. IF they have a sentry or base however, don't bother, it'll tear you a new asshole, sure some scouts can be fancy and circle-strafe them, but its extremely risky.

As for Snipers and Spies, kill em if you know they're a spy or they're tunnelvision sniper. Huntsman snipers try to dodge the arrows if possible. They hurt. a lot.

Scout vs. Heavy.
1. You can easily kill them if they are unaware of you. So flank them.
2.If they have a medic partner, kill the medic first but ONLY if he's distracted, else you are going to get turned into salami. (applies to all other classes if you can pull it off.)
Scout vs. Pyro
1. Never get close to a pyro. Pistol spam them. If they switch to shotty run in with the scattergun and get a meatshot.

Scout vs. Medic
1. they are pretty easy. This is the one class where it helps to double jump around a lot, those needles might not do alot of damage on tehir own, but it really ramps up when theres 20 of em in you.
2. They are your highest priority.
3.Don't let them ubersaw you, even if it has 50 foot range D:
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Postby Mr. Munchlax » Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:51 am

Spies and predictability.

This is pretty simple and some points should be obvious, even the best spies can be very predictable and thus can lead to their demise if you can remember a few small things.

Most importantly, what classes they tend to disguise as, this is where spies are usually the most predictable. Most spy players tend to only disguise as certain classes. If you can remember what class(es) those are they'll be a lot easier to find and you and your team mates are less likely to get stabbed.

Which cloak they're using, pretty obvious and shouldn't need any explanation. Just remember which watch they have and dealing with them will be easer because you'll know HOW to deal with them when they try to cloak and run away.

Lastly, which routes they take. Most maps have certain areas which are perfect for spies to sneak around. So figure out which routes they use and constantly check those areas for spies trying to sneak around you.

Also LISTEN, even the normal watch and the CnD make a pretty loud sound when decloaking if the spy is close enough to you. So if you hear the familiar *whoosh* (or whatever the sound is) turn around and check that guy behind you.

Oh and one last thing, try looking UP every now and then. ;3
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Postby Zareth » Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:22 am

Plaid Demoman alot the last few days (See what I did there?)

Few basic pointers

-For the love of all that is HOLY don`t rely too much on your damn sticky launcher X.x its a secondary for a reason, folks. Grenades are not that hard to aim, always go for direct hits with them whenever possible, stickies are for defense and groups of 2-3 or picking off what you already wounded or you dont have time to reload your nades (IE: Pyro catches you off guard) Hate to say it, but nobody likes a sticky spammer. Also, folks running in straight lines, distracted anything, and medics running around with their patient are easy pickings. Practice on TR_Walkway with bots strafing if you need help with that. (And see below about the Targe for more helps =3)

-Payload and CP wise, spamming points while theyre being capped is useful, but please, do not make this your only way of getting kills. you are more than durable enough to go out and get a few kills yourself with the team.

- Know when to use your scrumpy or Eyelander. If someones right in your face, don`t go shooting a sticky or pipe at them, Demoman self damage is massive in comparison to Soldier self damage. (50 or so for Soldier, demo takes almost 75 or more o.o)

- Targe makes for excellent pipe bomb practice. I cannot stress this enough to people who want to play demoman right and effectively. if you want to learn how to aim pipes, USE THE TARGE FOR AT LEAST A WEEK, this helps improve prediction, leading targets, and getting direct hits with pipes along with faster movement speed and reduced explosives and fire damage, it gives you a good sense of awareness I find and you can take more risks, but remember that you still have your sticky launcher, though I would seriously advise people to try out the targe for a week, but use it smart. Dont go charging around like your Hagar the Horrible. Use it smart, use it right.

God, lookit me. 70 demo hours and already giving advice!
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Postby bluecoyote » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:01 am

I may not be the best at this game, and am still somewhat newish to this game, but here are some things I am beginning to realize with playing soldier:

1. Height. This may be obvious, but learning to rocket jump and having an advantage in height helps a lot. Rocket jumping may be somewhat difficult to learn at first, but it gets easier. There is nothing that quite compares to killing someone while flying or jumping over an obstacle to get behind someone to surprise kill them.

2. Shotgun. Use your shotgun! I am starting to realize that the shotgun is indispensable to the soldier. Don't treat it as a back-up for when you run out of rockets, use it more as a finisher while still having a few rockets ready and loaded for the unexpected.

3. Mouse Acceleration. Okay, this pertains to all fps (computer) games and all classes. Turn off your mouse acceleration! I am not 100% sure how to turn it off with different operating systems but in vista go to control panel>hardware and sound>Mouse Properties>pointer options. Under the motion section there should be a check box that says enhanced pointer precision and un-check it. What mouse acceleration does is it makes the pointer on the screen move farther as you move the mouse faster. So if you move the pointer from one side of the screen to the other by moving the mouse slowly, you will have to move the mouse pretty far to get it across. Where as if you move it fast the pointer will 'accelerate' and will reach the other end with you only moving the mouse a lot less physically. This can severely throw off your aim in a fps game because where you point your gun will not only depend on where your stop moving your mouse, but how fast you moved it. Turning off mouse acceleration means that if you move your physical mouse from point A to point B it will almost (hardware is not perfect all the time!) always move your pointer from a consistent point A to B no matter how fast you move your mouse. The only downside to this is that you will more than likely have to move your mouse more that you are used to, but you can always change sensitivity in game. Try this out. But this is only a suggestion. If you do not like it or it doesn't work right for you than change it back. The main worry should be your comfort and what works best for you.

I hope this helps to some degree.
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Postby skunkfox » Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:13 am

Soilder/Demo bomb jump killing... This is probably the hardest and most inane thing to do as if it works which is insanely rare you'll have an instant enviromental kill. Namely how it works is if a *insert class here* has just broken off from the fighting because of incredibly low health and you bomb jump toward them, if you somehow manage to land on their head it'll kill them instantly (health of enemy must be 15 or lower for it to work). I've managed it all of twice in both classes, it's guarenteed an instant rage on behalf of that player and a hilarious laughter from your teammates.
Another trick which Python will recall much to his utter shame is the double jump.. basically if your up close to an enemy soilder/demo and bomb jump you Both will go into the air and then just easy pickings with an up close and personal rocket to the face. (note double jumps oddly enough give you a crit with your next shot most of the time...)

Pyro: for the love of god if you've the fricking hammer and see the engie dead with his sentry sapped SAVE THE BLOODY SENTRY!!! oh and the tele if it's not destroyed yet...
though how a spy managed to get through to the engie is still your fualt... when spy checking don't get to close to the corner's keep some distance from the corners and walls but not far enough for the flame to miss completely, this will roast any spy regardless if he tries to jump the fire or not.

cannon fodder... err I mean Scout ya that's right scout: the FaN does not replace the scatter gun for everything.. it's good for some situiations like knocking the health off of demo/soilders that are bomb jumping or knocking folks off of your point. It's not for Everything! and if you can't use anything but a FaN then for the love of god use the pistol to finish someone off and not let them kill you because you were busy reloading the bloody thing! If your far ahead of the team inform them of what lays ahead so they won't rush blindly into a death trap..

Engie:... if I have to tell you not to put your tele directly behind you instead of a dispensor then you deserve the backstab domination...

Spy: when you stab someone cloak and strafe alongside of the other team who are now hunting you... which btw also gives you a nice chance to disguise and pick your next target, also jump when a pyro is spy checking around you, oddly enough most pyro's aim lower then they should so you'll avoid the fire most of the time... if your far ahead of the team inform them of what lays ahead so they won't rush blindly into a death trap..

Heavy: I can hear a spy uncloaking behind me because I don't keep my gun constantly revved up, try it sometime you'll be a spy's nightmare then. When using sandvich, keep your back to a corner else mr. spy will be introducing you to his good friend, Mr. Knife! Also pay attention to your death hud and try hitting tabb every so often to see who on your team is alive so you don't get Mr. Spy's help with that whole I'm gonna live thing you had going... also uber Medic is not a shield to duck behind unles he's playing uber sentry distraction. (I've seen several heavies actually duck behind their medics so they won't die... shameless cowards) The medic is your best friend unless he's a battle medic then he's gonna get you killed faster then an uber wearing off in the middle of a sentry farm...

Medic: move around... I've stabbed/headshot, blown up more medics who just stood behind the heavy being statues or whatever they were doing...

I'll add more when I get home..
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