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Postby TheShadowfox » Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:17 pm

Heya everyone! I'm The Shadowfox, or Tayla O'Connor. I'm new, and this is my first topic. I suck at TF2, and I haven't played that much, so keep that im mind! ^_^;

Anyway, I was playing as Medic today, and someone mentioned something about the Quickfix, that it was bad, I think.

So this topic is all about what weapons are good for what scenarios, what weapons are bad, and so forth.

First of all, could someone please pick up on what that one person who I don't know the name of, was saying about the Quickfix?
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Postby Mr. Munchlax » Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:20 pm

What weapons you use are really dependent on your personal preference and play style. I don't play much medic, and when I do I typically stick with the standard medigun, but the quickfix has a somewhat faster healing rate, but it can't overheal and it's charge doesn't make you invincible like the standard uber does. It tripples how quickly you can heal someone and prevents you and the person you're healing from being knocked back from things like the airblast. It has situations where it can be useful, but most players will probably tell you that it's not worth it most of the time.

I typically play pyro myself and my usual loadout is the backburner, flaregun, and axtinguisher, which works very nicely with how I play the class. Though, other classes like Scout, I tend to stick with the basic stock loadout. It's really more personal preference than anything, you just need to figure out what works best with how you play the game.
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Postby Jinx » Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:11 pm

Hey Shadowfox and welcome to TFP :) As Munch has said the different weapons basically allow you to use different play styles for the classes so they're basically a mix and match to how you enjoy playing or what your team needs the most. If you're unfamiliar with all the weapons the wiki is a great resource to look up stats and information.

The Quick-Fix is generally seen as inferior to both the normal Medi Gun and the Kritzkrieg. Not only does the Quick-Fix not overheal your allies (this is not to be underestimated) but its uber is a rather lackluster version of the normal uber where you are still vulnerable. It kind of shines in a pub environment where lots of players are needing heals all at once but it's not worth giving up the power you get with a medi gun or kritzkrieg uber especially since pub games are usually lacking in medics.

In most cases the "original" weapons for each class are the most well-rounded and the most useful in the majority of situations. A lot of the following will be my opinion, as certain unlocks will definitely compliment other's play styles differently so anybody else feel free to chime in :P, but some important unlocks to take note of:

  • Bonk - Helpful for getting past sentries so you can flank and catch the enemy off guard
  • Mad Milk - I don't see this too often but the heal effect is amazing
  • Winger - At the range you'll be using the pistol your accuracy won't be what it needs to be to make this gun worth it
  • Candy Cane - Most classes should not be relying on melee, scout is no exception and the explosive vulnerability is a big no.
  • Sun-on-a-Stick - So many things wrong with this weapon. If you melee somebody on fire with this you do 79 damage. If you shoot one scattergun shot at melee range you do 90-105 damage.

  • Black Box - Good if your team is lacking a medic
  • Direct Hit - Generally inferior to the normal rocket launcher but this is a great pickup if the enemy has sentries that you can't get a demo to take out for some reason. A level 3 sentry that isn't being repaired will take 2 direct hit rockets before being destroyed
  • Equalizer - Direct upgrade to the shovel, just bear in mind you can't be healed with it out

  • Backburner/Degreaser - Your choice which you use but both are upgrades to the normal flamethrower depending on your playstyle
  • Axtinguisher - Arguably the only melee weapon you'll use as a pyro. Does 195 damage to targets that are on fire and coining the tactic "puff and sting" where a pyro does a quick puff of fire then quickly switches to the axtinguisher to finish them off before they even realize what is going on

  • Unless you like playing as a Demoknight, the stock weapons are usually best in all scenarios

  • Tomislav - Until it gets nerfed this minigun has the fastest spinup time while still outputting decent DPS, otherwise the original Minigun is best. Natascha can have a niche use on defense but the slow usually isn't reliable
  • Sandvich - Overpowered. Allows you to have a free medium health kit every 25 seconds
  • Gloves of Running Urgently - Heavies usually never resort to melee, but these gloves fill in one of the weaknesses the Heavy has: speed

  • Gunslinger - Best weapon for the offensive engineer, allows you to be much more mobile
  • Jag - Austin swears by the Jag but personally I don't think the gains are worth it: The speed increase is only gained when continually hitting your buildings with the Jag and it makes a sentry build 0.75 seconds faster and a dispenser build 1.5 seconds faster

  • Overdose - In giving up 1 damage per needle you gain up to a 10% movement bonus based on your uber percentage
  • Kritzkrieg - Good on defense to wipe out the enemy team before they push / have an uber ready
  • Ubersaw - Can give clutch uber in a pinch but don't go searching for targets, let your allies handle threats. Direct upgrade to Bonesaw (any melee weapon with a slower swing speed downside is not a downside because of how TF2 melee fights occur: lunge forward, swing, retreat, repeat)
  • Vita-Saw - My medic melee weapon of choice, gives you up to 20% of your uber back on death which compliments the Overdose and allows you to get another uber faster.
  • Crusader's Crossbow - Can be used to provide clutch heals on maps with long sight lines (up to 150 HP in a long range shot!), but is generally not worth it as the medic should be healing and not fragging. Plus the reload time is atrocious (2.3 seconds)
  • Quick-Fix - As mentioned above, doesn't provide overheal and the uber is lackluster

  • All of the sniper rifles have their upsides and downsides, see which fits your play style best
  • Jarate - Makes targets easier to take down, helps your team as well
  • Razorback - A good spy will just revolver you to death if he notices the razorback

  • Your Eternal Reward - A player dying to a normal backstab will loudly shout out their death, signally to smart players to quickly turn around. The YER silences this scream and cloaks their dead body allowing you to mow down an entire group if they're not paying attention.
  • Dead Ringer - With this you are invincible
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Postby Irukandji » Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:50 pm

Oh, you left out some of my favs Jinx :P

Also, welcome to TFP Shadowfox :D

For the Engineer:
-Frontier Justice: Requires a good deal of precision to maximize the effect, but you can make every last mean mother-hubbard who hurts your innocent sentries pay for what they've done. Broken sentries yield stored crits on the gun, excellent for both clutch defensive positions and pestering the enemy with the Gunslinger. Getting used to this can be mighty helpful.
-Wrangler: I can't say enough about it. Basically, you get a damage reducing shield on your sentry, and can manually operate it to snipe player across the map with damage >= the Heavy's output at optimum range. Never leave without this in your loadout.
-Widowmaker: Another interesting choice. Best with the Gunslinger due to it using metal as ammo, this returns all damage dealt as more ammo. With no need to reload and infinite ammo, this is worth a try.
-Southern Hospitality: again, not the best compared to the Gunslinger or vanilla Wrench, but it can be a boon when it comes to chasing off spies.
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