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Postby NikkyVix » Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:51 pm

UPDATED October 19th, 2010

Sometimes you need to contact us to make a complaint, address a concern with the servers, chat, or forums, or tell us just how awesome we (hopefully) are. There are various ways to track down a Moderator or Administrator like the quavering, frightened woodland creatures we often represent. Short of finding out where we live, the most acceptable means are as follows:

If you're here reading this, then you can easily send us a private message via clicking on this link. The pool will get it and someone will respond in (what we hope is) a timely manner.
Note: DO NOT USE THIS TO APPEAL YOUR BAN. Directions for where to appeal a ban can be found here.

We're a community over 3,000 strong with hundreds of non-members who come to our servers daily. Yes, we have some cheats, hacks, and general griefing trollish bags of douchewater. We try our best to weed them out when they show up so that they don't ruin your play, but we can't do it alone. Here's what you do in brief:

    #1 Get the Steam ID
    * Open your developer console by pressing tilde: ~ (you may need to enable developer console in Options first)
    * Type in the command status
    * Select and copy/paste the line containing the name(s) and Steam ID(s) of those causing trouble to something else. For example: #123 "Seymour Butts" STEAM_0:1:2345678
    (Note: We need the Steam ID to track people down after the fact and keep records of them. If you cannot get it, you can get their Community ID by opening your Steam Friendlist and choosing View > Players, then copying the URL of the offender's Community ID)

    #2 Get the Demo
    * Open your developer console by pressing ~ (you may need to enable it in Options > Keyboard > Advanced Settings)
    * Type record demo in the entry box (This creates the file demo.dem in your steam/steamapps/{your steam id}/team fortress 2/tf directory)
    * When satisfied you've gotten enough proof, open the console again and type stop
    (note: We like it when you point out specific points in demos where a problem happens. Type demoui in your console to bring up a handy demo playback interface so that you can note the points of interest to us)
    (notenote: Your voice is not recorded by default in demos. To enable this, type voice_loopback 1 in the console before speaking. voice_loopback 0 re-disables it.

    #3 Upload the Demo to Sourcebans, as well as posting the details of your request
    * Sourcebans can be found on our website,, under the section of 'Bans': Right this way!

    #4 CONTACT US!
    * Note that if for some reason Sourcebans cannot be reached, please post your demo on a public filesharing site like Mediafire or Rapidshare. Then provide your complaint, the offender's Steam/Community ID, and the link to the uploaded demo recording in a PM to us here.

    If you need immediate assistance, DO NOT RELY ON A FORUM PM; we don't troll our own boxes regularly. :) Instead, drop into the TFP Group chat and try to contact a Staffer there! All Staffers there will have a gold star by their names. Please be as detailed as possible by providing things such as when the problem happened, where, and an explanation of why they should be dealt with. This is because we DO NOT ban people without probable cause, so don't risk letting them off the hook by your failing to provide enough info!

For a more in-depth explanation on setting up demo recording, please see this very informative thread by Sekh.

IMPORTANT: If you are writing a complaint about actions taken, please remember to be as clear and concise as possible in order to help us understand your point of view. And if it is a complaint on a specific act, please don't forget to provide support (proof) for your complaint. We do not accept petitions for your friend or associate to be unbanned; said person will have to make such complaints themselves here at the ban-protest page. For any other grievances, send them to us here via PM. We're always willing to explain the reasoning behind any disciplinary action taken.
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Postby NikkyVix » Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:03 am

One more thing:

Please DO NOT post any complaints or grievances on this thread. They'll just be deleted unanswered with maximum disdain. We might even laugh at you. :3 (yes that includes fake joke complaints..this is an information thread, not a chat thread)

Follow the directions above and PM us with those. This thread is left unlocked only for any questions or curiosities that you may have.
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Postby Inumi » Sat Jun 06, 2015 9:45 pm

Hello! I'm new on the forum but not on steam and I wanted to enter the steam group of TFP bout I need someone to add me. Can somebody do it to make me able to play the Saxton Hale furry mod? Thanks a lot.
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