Recruiting actors for Saxxy Award entry (88MPH)


Postby EtherBunny » Sat May 14, 2011 4:41 pm

Here's the idea:

Takes place on Harvest (event or final, doesn't matter). RED is busting BLU's ass hard and currently owns the point. There's a level three sentry pwning folks, a sniper blowing up heads, and a scout absolutely recking all over the place. A BLU demo is standing near one of the trucks on the map and is rather disappointed by all of this.

Somewhere nearby, a BLU heavy/medic pair get atacked, and the heavy dies. Luckily, the medic manages to fully charge his uber and survive, hiding behind the cement block near the demo. The demo sees this and calls for the medic who starts healing him.

Then a random BLU scout falls down a few feet in front of the demo and dies on impact, dropping a can of Bonk Atomic Punch (or the RED scout does, though it's implied that the RED scout is owning so he likely wouldn't screw up like this).

The demo sees that and starts thinking. He switches to his melee and realizes he's weilding the Claidem h'or (sp?). He suddenly gets a brilliant idea.

He screams ACTIVATE CHARGE to the medic who does as told. he then charges straight for the control point's nearest entrance, running over the Bonk in the process. That, coupled with the uber, the extended charge from his melee weapon, and the charge itself causes a huge reaction as soon as he hits the door. There's an explosion, and the demo is gone.

Everyone hears the explosion as it's rather noticable, and they all stop, confused. Where'd the demoman go? Did he disconnect? Did he suicide and change classes?

The camera focuses on the RED sentry and it suddenly changes into a mini sentry. The engy who owns it looks down at his hand to see it is now the gunslinger, which it had not been before. Someone cut his hand off.

Cut to the sniper, owning BLU folks. Suddenly his rifle turns into the Huntsman which he can't shoot with at all. Cue him getting owned by counter sniper.

The RED scout who'd been kicking ass jumps out of a window onto what he clearly sees is bare ground, but when he lands there's a bunch of stickies waiting for him. He explodes.

Then the RED team starts dissappearing one by one, just popping out of existence.

BLU team is confused as hell, though not exactly upset about things. They all just look at each other, having crowded up near the truck on the opposite side of the point that the demo had disappeared from.

Their attentions are brought back to the point though as it's suddenly under BLU's control with only ten seconds left. A scream is heard and another explosion goes off. The demo man flies out of the explosion and stops right in front of his team as the clock counts down. He taunts, BLU wins, everyone celebrates.

Video is called 88MPH.


Cast needed:

RED team:
Sniper with Huntsman (good at headshotting with the rifle):
Engineer with Gunslinger:
Believably good scout:
Soldier -
Pyro -
Demo -
Heavy -
Medic -
Spy -

BLU team:
Demoman with Claidemh'or and chargin' targe:
Counter Sniper:
Scout with Bonk:
Soldier -
Pyro - Me (Poe the Ether Bunny)
Engineer -
Spy -

I think the teams should likely have no more than one of each class, so 9v9 would be best. I will likely fill the spot of the pyro on BLU team since that's my favourite position.

Anyone willing to help just claim your part. Those who are playing the RED scout and sniper, you're going to have to prove your skills since it's gotta be believable. Beyond that, it's all first come first serve. I'll keep the cast list updated as I check it.

Any and all help is welcome, and I'll be sure to credit you if I do manage to win the award. let's do our best to represent TFP in the Saxxy's Awards and bring home some gold!
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