*UPDATE* Soundpacks in process & Finshed


Postby Xan » Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:31 pm

heres some soundpacks im doing

1. king heavy

gets hit: S**T!

gets hit 2: Noth!

gets hit 3: *Gasp!*

finshes eating sandvich: You saved me, Dinner!
finshes eating sandvich 2: Dinner!
Finshes eating sandvich 3: I wonder whats for Dinner!
Finshes eating sandvich 4: We can talk about dinner!

says thanks: You Saved Me!

Calls a Medic: Mah Boi
Finshes getting healed: You Saved Me!
Finshes Getting healed: Mah boi

Crit killed: DIE!
Dies: S**T!

Dommates Someone: Don't S**t on me or i eat your lunch!

theirs still more to come for this one ill update it when i came up with more

i done 2 packs of sentry sounds

1. Team Fortess Classic
2. Sounds im using

ill post a download link for the sentry sounds later

and finely ill be doing a crit death soundpack it will be the death srceam sounds off CnC1
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