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Postby Stormcaller3801 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:55 pm

I don't know about you guys, but my ability with machinima is nonexistent. I have some great ideas though, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a place to suggest things that we think would be awesome if they were ever made.

My first offering:

Music: ZZ Top's La Grange
Video: Open up the video in Nucleus, with the camera following a bundle of red and blue cables that snake their way around and up to the center point, which is closed. By the time it gets to "Just lemme know, if you wanna go, to the, home out on the range" the camera's focused on the center point, looking down on it at an angle. When the drums kick in, point opens up, and we get our look at the 'band.'

Medic on Ubersaw/electric guitar.
Pyro on Fire Axe/base.
Engineer on Teleporters/drums and vocals.

All of them are wearing the Spy's beard camera.

Proceed with standard sweeping shots, occasionally switching to a solid black backdrop, and focusing in on the individual band members whenever their part in the song is emphasized. Make sure both the Medic and the Pyro get some good screen time. By the time the music starts fading out, fade them all into the slat-sided truck in the back, with the truck located about the point the ground levels out on stage 3 of Hoodoo. Get the ZZTop big swinging arm motion going, and then have the truck drive off along the cart rails as the whole thing fades out.
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