Tribes Closed Beta Versions 0.1.759.0

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Postby Sekh765 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:11 pm

Tribes Closed Beta Versions 0.1.759.0 and 0.1.760.0

Version 0.1.759.0 was deployed on Thursday, February 9, 2012.

Hot Fixes since the Release of Version 0.1.759.0

Version 0.1.760.0 was deployed on Friday, February 10, 2012 and contains the following fixes for issues introduced in Version 0.1.759.0:

Fix for issue in which clicking on the Back to Game button in the in-match menu would put your game in a bad state.
Fix for phase rifle not properly calculating damage in certain situations.
Improvements to Shrike handling at high FPS.
Fix for issue that was preventing some menu hotkeys from working in the match lobby.

Note that a separate issue was hot-fixed on Feb. 9: "Players would not see their XP bar update following a match until they relogged."
Major Highlights

The Sentinel, Infiltrator, Technician and Raider classes have new suits/visual aesthetics. The Doombringer and Brute will receive their new outfits in an upcoming patch.
XP prices of many weapons have been lowered. Those that purchased the weapons at the older XP prices will be refunded XP as if they had purchased at the new prices. (Note: Gold prices have not been modified).
The front-end menu has undergone a significant number of usability improvements and bug fixes. Some of the changes include:
Easier navigation to modify your class from the in-game class select screen.
Several improvements to the Friends list layout and usability.
Reduced clicks to join a quick match.
Hot-keys to access some menu items.
A number of additional bug fixes, cleanups and minor enhancements.
Several maps have had adjustments for performance, playability and aesthetics. More is planned for future releases.

Weapon/Balance Items

Fixed a bug that prevented the Ultra Capacitor II Perk from being unlocked.
Fixed a bug with the Sentinel’s Phase Rifle allowing users to fire faster than intended.
Added minor damage falloff to projectile-based automatic and semi-automatic weapons. This affects Soldier’s Assault Rifle, Doombringer’s ChainGun, Sentinel’s Falcon, Pathfinder’s LAR, Infiltrator’s NJ4,Rhino, Infiltrator’s SN7, Technician’s TCN4, and Juggernaut’s X1LMG)
Damage reduced by roughly 4% on Technician's Thumper.
Reduced Falloff on Brute's Nova Colt, increasing its damage at range.
Reduced Pathfinder's Light Assault Rifle clip upgrade from +4 to +3 size, to fit with it's 3-round-burst.
Increased reload time on Juggernaut’s X1 LMG from 1.8s to 2.75s.
Raider’s White Out Grenade no longer requires the player to be looking at the grenade for the affect to apply. Radius on the Whiteout Grenade has been substantially reduced (roughly 50%) to account for this, and is now more in line with other grenades. Note the Egocentric Perk makes the thrower immune to this effect.
Brute’s Fractal Grenade is no longer effective against Armored Targets (Vehicles, Base Assets) or Generators. Reduced damage by roughly 9% on Brute’s Fractal Grenade.
Changed the third skill unlock on Brute’s Fractal Grenade to be radius, per its status change away from being effective against Armored targets.
Fixed an issue in which Brutes started with one extra Fractal Grenade already unlocked, without getting the upgrade.
Fixed a bug so that mines will no longer give air mail accolade.
Devices and mines are now properly protected by forcefields.
Infiltrator’s Prism Mines are now harder to detect. The range in which you can see the beams has been drastically reduced making them a more viable trap around corners.
Reduced the maximum damage caused by the “Clothes Line” upgrade of the Super Heavy Perk by roughly 23%, and raised the speed at which maximum damage is applied to 216kph.
Changed Beowulf Passenger/Gunner position to be projectile based.
Removed inaccuracy when throwing Grenades or other Belt items.
Reduced the amount of camera shake on the Juggernaut’s MIRV Launcher.
Fixed an issue where Juggernaut’s MIRV launcher secondaries were giving too much knockback.
Fix for Raider’s EMP Grenades causing energy drain on self, even with a fully upgraded Egocentric perk.
Fix for turrets shooting dead people or attempting to aim at a point the player could never reach.

Additional Items

Fixed a bug that prevented users from being notified when they received the First Win of the Day Bonus.
Players should now receive XP at the end of a match even if they are offline when the match ends.
Fixed an issue where if a player skied into certain objects (such as the back of a Deployable Inventory station) or over certain lips they could be propelled at a very fast velocity.
Increased graphical performance on some rapid-fire weapons.
Added bass boost, vertical sync, and frame-rate smoothing to the settings menu.
Improved performance at Class Modify screen at the main menu.
Auto balance has been enabled for Team Deathmatch matches.
Re-enabled Screenshot button (F9).
Fix for prism mine not properly destroying particle effect.
Fixed laser targeter and repair tool effects lingering in 3P.
Additional fixes for instant fire lock-on of Saber Launcher.
Fixed players losing their hand model in 1P when they unzoomed after switching from 3P to 1P.
Fixed an issue where certain NumPad keys were not bindable.
Fixed an issue where call-in inventory stations were able to be placed on areas not allowed.
Shrike particle effects have been pulled in favor of boosting the frame-rate with them on screen. They will return more optimized and better looking next patch.
All weapons have been given a third person pass. A spectated player will now display the correct weapon model.
Fixed a glitch where if two players were jetpacking and became “stuck” to each other, they would be propelled at an incredible speed.
Fixed an issue where TDM Night Katabatic would crash in Roaming mode.

Known Issues

First person hands do not match class models yet.
Shrike can be hard control, especially when running at a high framerate. This is being actively worked on.
Hotkeys inside the main menu are not working for many users (for example, hitting M to return to the main screen). Mouse clicking the button at the bottom of the menu that references the Main Menu does return you home. It is a keybinding issue.
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