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Welcome, to City 17! You have chose.....wait, wrong greeting, sorry!

Welcome to TFP Minecraft Server! Whether you are a new player or an old vet, greetings!

A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same since the last server. We've got a brand new map, with grand constructions already there courtesy of the new Minecraft Admins : Chittebengo, MawringFox, and Pink_Luigi!

Here is a list of some of the new stuff!

  • Noob Zone - All new players begin here as Tourists. There is a rule board and a helpful command board to read over. When players are ready to get Builder status, they are directed to...
  • New Website - We have a brand new website at http://mc.furrypound.net where players can request Builder status, see an online map, look at useful stuff, and more!
  • Central City - This is where all Builders have their /spawn point set, in a grand city floating over the void. There is the Central Mall, user run shops, farms to collect food and wood before venturing out, and most importantly...
  • RATS System - ...a portal to the RATS Railway System! Located deep in the nether, this giant railway system connects nine separate points, enabling folks to spread out in the overworld (to prevent clumping like we had at Ferret Camp in the previous server). Minecarts are free, just put them into the chest at the next station!
  • Central City Mall - This NPC run mall has fixed server prices for every item you can get (minus obvious ones like bedrock!). The prices are set fairly absurdly, because we want to facilitate a new feature...
  • Player Run Shops - Players will now be able to run their OWN shops, whether they rent them in Central City, or build one themselves. They can set their own buy and sell prices, stock their shop, etc.
  • Custom Drops - All monsters and animals have their default drops, but also now have special drops! All animals have a chance of dropping plants and seeds, while all monsters have a rare chance of dropping music discs! Every creature in the game also has a very rare chance of dropping a Spawn Egg of themselves!
  • Money Money Money - Last time, our currency was simply the Dubloon (There were also Pieces of Eight, but nothing dropped partial dubloons). This time around, our currency is Trinkets and Doodads, cause furries like shiny things right?. 100 Doodads = 1 Trinket.
  • Home Away from Home - All players now get TWO /home points. All you have to do is type /sethome (name), and use /home (name) to teleport to that home!

Your regular Minecraft Admins are listed below. If you have a problem contact one of these guys!



The server will be updated regularly! Check back here to see what gets updated, I'll do my best to keep you all up to date!

Also! Please use these forums for discussions and posting up pictures and whatnot of your shenanigans!
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