Sivren's Scrap Banking and Trading Thread

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Postby Sivren » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:13 pm

Hello all!

I am seeking to gather up a fair collection of items for trading and crafting purposes, and I do not see anyone has posted to provide a scrap banking service in the Bazaar yet (as long as the search function hasn't misled me).

What is Scrap Banking?
Normally, you need two weapons from the same class (ex. Medigun and Bonesaw, Revolver and Spy Knife, etc) in order to craft a single Scrap Metal (using Smelt Class Weapons from within TF2's Crafting menu).

With scrap banking, you trade two unwanted weapons to a person (in this case, me) in return for a single Scrap Metal. That way, your items DO NOT have to match,allowing you to turn in much more

I'm around pretty much every day after 3:00PM (United States Mountain Time), so feel free to add me and let me know you would like to take advantage of this.

Eventually I will be using this space for other items I am looking for, or other items I am selling.

My Backpack (Click on my icon picture to be taken to me Stream profile)

EDIT: Changed thread title as will be using thread for other trading as well
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