WTB Vintage Vintage Merryweather.

Postby draconigen » Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:55 am

Ssssso, People of TFP,

I recently stumbled upon some crappy Refined Metal in my inventory that certainly takes up too much space, and I'll be willing to give it to you FOR FREE! All you have to do is to give me one of the following hats for free aswell!

(in order of relevance)
Teddy Roosebelt
Security Shades
Fancy Dress Uniforum
Villain's Veil
Pocket Medic
Cappo's Capper
Team Captain

As I lost a little track of what things are worth, I'll say the following:
- make me an offer
- I will not accept offers demanding less than 3 refined
- I will not accept offers demanding more than 5 refined (unfortunately due to limitations of collected metal so far :P)
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