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WTB Vintage Vintage Merryweather.

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Guidelines for trading threads:
  • Please, link to your backpack! Use TF2Items , TF2B or a similar website. This also allows people to contact you through Steam.
  • Link to your steam profile when you make an offer in someone's thread, so he and/or she can contact you back for the potential thread!
  • Bumping is allowed! Do it for when your offer still stands or for updates, but please keep common sense in mind and don't do it excessively!
  • Keep your thread updated, remove offers that no longer are valid.
  • Asking ingame or in TFP chat is fine, just don't spam your request.
  • We have no rules against trading in TFP servers, but please exercise common sense. Try to keep trading during a non-lethal phase of the game, such as during a setup round, people won't appreciate an idle player during a frantic game!
  • If you have a large number of items to trade, make a single thread rather than several.

  • If you have any rare sought after items you think people want, or if there is a item you really want, make sure to mention them in your thread title!
  • Dedicating a whole backpack page for items you're willing to trade/craft away is a good idea! Personally I'll recommend page 1 for this purpose, especially if you already have most items already (just remember to move any items you want to keep off the first page when you do get them).
  • Try to make fair offers. Keep in mind of the rarity of the item as well, just don't post any ridiculous offers such as "GRU for Demoman's Fro".

Useful links:

Feel free to suggest on what I should add to this thread.
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