I'm back from the dead! (Or Washington DC)

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Postby Dusty » Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:58 pm

Well my feet are offically dead now after walking across the nation mall all week (3 miles alone on Friday) so I'm pretty much not leaving my room today :P

It was a great trip and I have a ton of pictures I have to find the time to upload (128 to be exact ).

The big shocker in Washington was when we were getting pictures of the white house from the front a drunk at first tried to follow us back to our bus till the guides shoo-ed him away, then he started pissing all over the sidewalk while giving our entire class a birdy, only to back promptly tackeled by a police officer. It was pretty funny till we realized that if he was armed with a gun or knife or even just angry we could have been in alot of trouble. The 1983 vigil lady said that it happens all the time, there was another drunk the fell around on the street near her little hut and the police were trying to get him up.

All in all though it was a very safe and fun trip, I got to meet our congressman (Bret Guthrie) who took our class on a tour of the capital building. Be looking for a bill that makes the expenses of Care-packs for soldiers to become a tax deduction it was voted on while we were in the House Gallery as an admendment to a vetrans bill.

We saw most of the monuments at night when they were well lit and we were lucky becuase they had just filled the reflection pool that day after they had been cleaning it. We went to most of the main museums (the most touching and powerful was the holocuast Musuem, it was a very somber bus ride back to the hotel). Even got to see the Marine One helicopters, but the president wasn't on board they were just being ferryied.

I'll have some pictures up later but for now I'm just happy to have internet on something besides my roommates Iphone :P
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