The Tale of How Mario Got His Name...

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Postby NikkyVix » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:28 am

For the curious pups out there who want to know something they hadn't before, here's an interesting bit of history on one of video gaming's most influential and long-lasting icons. :) From the Slashdot article leading into it:

"In 1981, tiny Nintendo of America was getting ready to release Donkey Kong. When the company's landlord, Mario Segale, demanded back rent, Nintendo staffers named the game's barrel-jumping protagonist after him. Almost thirty years later, neither Nintendo — which continues to crank out Mario games — nor Segale — now a wealthy, secretive Washington State real estate developer — like to talk about how one of video games' iconic characters got his name and Italian heritage. Technologizer's Benj Edwards has researched the story for years and provides the most detailed account to date [in the article]."

Image | Image

...I don't see the resemblance. :O
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Postby Purplecat » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:49 pm

What I find interesting is that Miyamoto at least confirmed the name originated from Nintendo of America. The article confirms he didn't have a mustache during the last twenty years according to his friends, but there's no words regarding his stache status in the 80's.

Funny how Miyamoto originally imagined him as "Mr. Video" as I used to call Mario "The Videogame guy" when I first started playing my NES.

I remember hearing the landlord story for years (since the mid/early 90's), but I was starting to wonder if it was a urban legend. Even if this story hadn't cleared out anything to 100%, it pretty much at least confirms that legend.

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