Vassal 40k - Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves

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Postby Sekh765 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:00 pm

Hey folks, thought I'd show off a new program that Austin and I have been using to play Warhammer 40k over the net using a virtual tabletop. This is a simple battle report of our first game, which was an 1800 game of Space Wolves (Austin) vs Imperial Guard (Sekh).

If anyone is interested in using the program, or maybe playing a game/campaign with us, drop a line in this forum and i'll help you get it set up.

1800 Points per team.

Turn 1 (Space Wolves) - After weathering a blistering barrage of Imperial Guard weaponry, the space wolves begin their advance towards the main IG line. The mission was to annihilate as many of the Guard as possible, though the Space Wolves began at a slight disadvantage due to their distant deployment zone, opening them up to a hail of gunfire and explosives from IG weapon batteries.


I know the image is kinda small, the program itself has a very detailed zoom.

Turn 2 (Imperial Guard) - With the advancing wall of space marines rushing towards them, the IG stood their ground, preparing bayonets and unleashing heavy weapons fire. The commander sent his mechanized and airborne units flanking around the Space Wolves main force, sending a hail of missiles and cannon fire into their flank as snipers and rocket soldiers fired shot after shot. One squad of Guardsmen took a barrage of Frag missiles from the Space Wolf Longfangs, and broke ranks attempting to flee, they rallied moments before leaving the battle zone.


Turn 3 (Imperial Guard) - The space wolves were closing in, the Imperial Commander began to order his lasguns to fire as the Space Wolves made it into range, reliable but weak, they only managed to stop one, maybe two marines, most rounds bouncing right off their power armor. Knowing full well the fury of the Space Marines in close combat, the IG Commander began to move his men into position to hold them back as long as possible. The IG heavy weapons continued to wreak havoc on the space wolf numbers, but it wasn't fast enough, they continued to come closer and closer.

(Why the smoke effect is still on that chimera I dunno.)


Turn 4 (Space Wolf) - After weathering the might of the Imperial Guard weaponry, only one small squad stood infront of the Space Wolves and the main IG force. A platoon commander had been ordered to delay the wolves as long as possible, and stood their ground, firing all guns as fast as possible point blank into the oncoming Marines. Though they were viciously shredded in moments, their actions bought the guard some time to execute their final strategy.


Turn 5 (----------) - Imagery of turn 5 was lost to the warp, no record exists of the IG's commanders Omega strategy.

(Forgot to take a screenshot of this, I only have the result of the carnage, at the start of turn 6. I walked a squad of stormtroopers into the bottom left of the map from reserve, airdropped another squad of stormtroopers out of my Valkyrie and then shoved an infantry squad with commissar out of the Chimera all in the bottom left, tore apart two marine squads, then got assaulted in the storm trooper squad and lost them, then another space wolf commander assaulted the Chimera squad.)

Image - Turn 6 Start

Turn 6 (Space Wolf - End of Game) - With their commander slaughtered, the IG were left leaderless. Seeing one final chance for victory, the storm troopers performed a combat drop directly next to a weakened Space Wolf squad. Firing their hotshot lasguns with pinpoint accuracy, they eliminated the squad to the man, though not without consequences. As they fired the valkyrie which was flying overhead providing fire support was hit in the cockpit with a lascannon round and burst into flames, pieces raining down on the troopers.

Across the battlefield, the Commissar continued to stand his own amongst his Guardsmen against the might of the Space wolf commander, guardsmen falling all around him as he attempted to cut through the power armor. Seeing the commissar in peril, the nearby Sentinel did the only thing it could do, and charged into battle, hoping to stomp the Space marine to death.

With broken bodies all around, and the battlefield dripping with blood, it seemed any victory would be Pyrrhic indeed. All of it coming right down to the wire, with guts and glory finally carrying one team to victory.



So that was our first game. Technically we played a 7th turn, but the only thing that happened was the sentinel stomped the Space Marine commander, nothing else really occurred. It was a good game, and in the end Austin won by a single point. Annihilate gametype always beats IG into the ground, but it was fun. I'll have to design a better team next time, I hadn't played with 5th Ed rules before.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, I might make another one later. Again if your interested in the program or trying it with someone, drop a line.
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Postby Mr. Munchlax » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:43 pm

Heh, neat. I've used Vassal to play stuff like Arkham Horror and a few other games with some folks. It's pretty cool. I've never played Warhammer though.
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