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Postby Zareth » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:43 pm

So, dose anyone here play wow? Interested in playing or want to start up fresh? Well, heres the deal.

Theres a thing called recruit-a-friend, where until you hit level 60, you get 3 times as much experience points from quests and things. It really helps.

So! What do you need to do? All you gotta do is, be in canada, or the US. Pick up a copy of WoW and fit my time schedual, which is eastern time.

Gold will be provided as well as mount money for both normal and epic, flying mount will not be paid for, but if you get to outland and quest you shoul have np with that (outland is a higher end zone.)

I will give us each 50 gold to start out with so you can buy anything you may need depending on what you want to d ofor professions.

I will NOT be paying for your copy of WoW, you will have to do that yourself, but its all but 20 dollars =]

want to know more? Drop me a line on steam, or msn.
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