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Or more precisely, HAMMERFIGHT!

It's a crazy russian physics-oriented sidescrolling game in which you sit in a wooden flying contraption with armour and weapons attached to it. There's a very steampunkish vibe, as well as an unusual Middle-Eastern feel to the game. The demo is only available in Russian right now, but it's a barrel of fun!

Is your hammer fight?

For beginners, I recommend sticking with the flail, mostly because it's nice and simple to use - just get up some good momentum and whack someone square across the face with it. If you can, buy the extended-length version in the store or pick one up in the Arena. A good swing with it can very easily disarm an opponent or send them flying into the arena walls, causing extra damage from the collision on top of the initial impact. Sometimes any combination of the above - I've disarmed enemies and sent them flying, or hit them so hard a piece of their armour shattered and the force of the blow sent them crashing into a wall. The starter flail is good, but the extended-length flail is just absolutely devastating. It can be hard to get up a good swing though, and you need a lot of room to build momentum.

Flails and maces are fantastic against armoured and mechanical targets, such as the flying buzzsaws. One good whack can destroy an armour plate, disarm an opponent, or send them flying into the scenery. A problem with them is getting entangled with an enemy, but this can also be really useful - I once grappled an enemy this way and moved such that they were thrown against a wall. Not much damage, but it looked good. The extendo-flail is wonderful as it really lets you keep an enemy at range, though this can be a detriment when you need to fight enemies up close, such as wasps, worms and so on.

Swords are a lot less effective against heavy armour but really good against soft organic targets like the wasps and flying worms. Their fixed length and blade makes them easy to swing and use, especially in tight quarters (such as being rushed by the 'wasps') and they're precise weapons too, which is handy for the exploding wasps, who will not explode if you merely cut off their heads - though they'll still explode if the rest of their bodies are popped, I think... and believe you me, they are quite explosive little buggers. On the other hand certain swords are quite slim and can be thrust through chinks in an enemy's armour. Balancing them for a high-momentum attack in this manner is hard, but it can be quite effective.

Hammers I'm not keen on, because of their fixed handle. Swinging them becomes an exercise in frustration for me, as I'm more used to the less-restricted flails. I imagine they're similar to flails though. Using a hammer and flail at the same time is an exercise in futility, especially if you try to link the two together. After a bit more practice, hammers are better in close quarters and do respectable impact damage, though less than a good flail. On the other hand their "minimum" damage seems to be a bit higher.

Axes combine the strengths of swords and hammers I imagine, but again I've had little chance to experiment with them. They seem to have a fair bit of weight behind them from my experiences of being on the recieving end of them, which is what swords lack a lot of the time. They seem to be a good balance of speed, power and impact though.

If you have any questions feel free to ask - I don't claim to be a pro but I know how the game plays so I can probably answer most questions...
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