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What's that, Sandvich? Pose with G-Man? GOOD IDEA!

Postby Taross » Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:26 pm

There's a thing that popped up a while back during gaming that floored a bunch of people. We (read: I) want to see it in gmodeling:

A heavy is standing next to an engineers dispenser. The heavy is looking rather proud and giving his thumbs up to the engineer.
The engineer is standing, staring at his brand-sparking new L3 dispenser, looking bewildered/defeated.
The reason for this is that the heavy has stuffed his sandvich into a slot of the dispenser in an attempt to 'Fix dispenser good!'. In a sense that a kid could stuff their jam sandwich into your new VCR (That's a previous generation DVD player for all you kids out there.)
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