Good Frustration-venting maps

What's that, Sandvich? Pose with G-Man? GOOD IDEA!

Postby Listy » Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:09 am

Does anyone know of a good map that has TONS of constructable props that can be shot up, blown up, have ragdolls tossed through it and the like? Something like CS-Office's large windows and office areas come to mind, but I'd love to see a map that has that sort of interactivity, but ramped up severely. I got finals coming up, and I REALLY could use the stress relief in smashing stuffs up in Garry's Mod.
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Postby Doom » Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:40 pm

Dunno where you can find them, but look for the ones with phys_ prefixes. Those are normally maps with big, respawnable and totally destructible buildings. Great rage-venters.
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