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Postby JazzBunny » Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:09 am

To start this off, allow me to make my intentions clear. This is to put my name forward as a potential addition to the staff team, to help out the TFP TF2 server(s).

Why am I interested?

The TFP server has been my home for a while now, through many name changes, breaks from Team Fortress, and so forth. One thing that has never changed, is that the only time I'm playing TF2 and not in TFP, is if I'm on another server waiting for a slot to join. I know the skill levels of the regulars, all my TF2 buddies play here, I'm invested.

The main issue I've noticed, especially as of late, is the low activity of the staff is. This is hardly a bad thing, people have lives, and real life must always take priority. But it is in my opinion, that the gap needs to be filled. If not by myself to start, then others. The majority of the time I am on, issues aren't dealt with because staff isn't on. Aimbot users, harassers, spawn campers, and so forth. I have seen the server go from full to empty in a short amount of time, simply because one or two troublesome players make the rest lose interest.

The community here is family to me. I may not have ever used these forums, but it is my home, and I want to help it flourish. I want to be able to help people continue their enjoyment of a friendly server, without having to worry about hackers and spammers, and bad sports.

What are my qualifications?

I helped maintain a Minecraft server, with an active player base in the thousands, with around 150-200 on at all times. My duties included investigating reports, answering questions, helping new players, keeping an eye out for cheaters, taking appropriate actions in response to said rule breakers, reviewing ban appeals, reviewing staff applications, and so forth. While I may be new to any form of staff position in Team Fortress 2, the important stuff is the same. The difference, is server/game specific rules, and the commands needed.

In the real life world, the job experience that would relate best to this, was being a Technical Service Representative for Apple. Say what you desire about their products and the company itself, they hold their workers to a 94% customer satisfaction level, otherwise you may be terminated at any point.

Between these two, I feel I have the people skills, the maturity, and the experience to help maintain peace on this server. Anything I am missing, can be learned, quickly and efficiently.

Closing Words

This is my home, and I want to do my part to continue making it a lovely plays for us furs to join and brutally murder each other while wearing completely ridiculous hats. If I am not viewed as staff material, I plead the staff to find those who are, because the TF2 side of this community is suffering, despite current efforts. This is in no way intended as a jab at the current staff, who I do believe are pretty great people, but merely a fact, that we need a bit more staff around.

So this man, this fuzzbutt, asks to be part of your ranks. One who has not been so much as muted on your server, and at his worst has run around as a heavy throwing sandviches to all, and being a bit of a playful goof.

If any staff member wishes to discuss this further with me, or has any questions, or wants to call me foolish for posting this, please feel free to throw me a message. I am more than happy to share my Skype, Steam, or whatever else in order to talk with you.

Thank you greatly for taking the time to read it, and thank you for potential consideration. I'll be waiting patiently to hear something concerning this.

-Jazz the Butt Healer
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