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Postby Pitchblack » Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:28 am

Nickname: Pitchblack, Dark Thoughts (on occasion)

Classes: Everything but Sniper and Spy, and Demo (But I'll play that occasionly, too.)


Philosophy: I try to be as much of a team player as possible, going as whatever class is needed most. I like to coordinate via voice chat, and will try and set up good pushes and flanks that way. I'm pretty good at strategizing and seeing who and where things need to be and where attacks need to go.

As scout, I tend to lone wolf with the scattergun, go after snipers and mop up the map after a rush. I'll do some front line support too, though.

Soldier, completely front line. I will rush up and attack, use the rockets at close range to the best advantage. I'm good at long-range sentry sniping, too. I don't really like kritzes as a soldier, but I do like ubers.

Pyro, I'm assault. I use the backburner and try to flank, but otherwise I will rush. I'm not good at spychecking or sitting around as a sentry shield, though. Uber, I'm really good with as a pyro, for both general offense and defense and for taking out sentry nests.

Heavy, I really like flanking. I'm ok as an assault heavy, but when I flank around, I really shine. I will drop down, go around corner, etc, to get the jump on the enemy. I'm also quite good with a medic.

Engie is one of my best classes. I'm really good at defensive sentries, in placing them in good locations. I prefer going battle engie, though, and building sentries on the fly or in support of a teleporter for the offensive team. I'm quite good with the pistol and shotgun, as well.

Medic, I tend to be a backline medic, and I try to spread the healing around, although I do buttmedic from time to time. I also save my ubers for when it's most appropriate.


General: I like to tell people what to do. This is both a blessing and a curse, because I am right some of the time, but I tick people off doing this.

Scout, I tend to rush into bad situations, and I abandon the rest of the team a lot.

Pyro, well, it's easy to fall into W + M1.

Heavy, I'm no good at frontlineing.

Engie, well, my sentries aren't always by the cap point.

Medic, well, I have a lot of ubers that never get fired.
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Postby Andrew » Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:47 pm

Name: Andrew

Classes: Sniper, Medic, Pyro, Engineer

- Will bodyshot enemies to severly wound them, you don't have much courage at 20 health, do you?
- 120ms ping allows for super-duper lagheadshots.
- Sentry Ahead!
- Will heal others during buttmedic-ing
- Ubersaw to your face
- Dab hand at Airblast
- Flaregun annoyance
- I build to help my team, not for points
- Offensive Engineer tactics are useful

- Will go heavy and have a picnic when frustrated
- Gets frustrated at poor teamwork easily
- I do not get critical hits due on bullet-based weapons due to network issues under normal circumstances
- Joins team with friends on at the nearest opportunity.
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