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Postby Makaze » Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:37 am

This actually was an idea bumped and banged around like a Body in a Mafia trunk on Skype between myself, Lucario, a certain Yena, and Witchybunny. Perhaps as a way to get some more team cohesion and less steamrolls.

The idea was simple. a Topic on the boards where players could list their names, what classes they usually play, their usual; tactics their pros and cons and such, in the hope that others would notice and maybe help play upon each others strengths, and shore up weaknesses and exploits within their cons. Now the initial reason, if I remember right was this was never done due to worry over it just being a dick waving contest, but I personally have hope that this will not be the case.

It's not that deep, just TF name ya go by, classes ya play, what folks should expect, pros and cons and all that,

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Postby Kumagoro » Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:51 am

So.. should I post it here? Ok then

Nickname: [ISA]Kumagoro
Fav classes: Scout, Medic, Engineer
Pros: Often chooses medic, likes to fool around (uber snipers!), always goes towards the objective, always checks out unusual sentry spots, uses sentries on offence, plays for fun, great scout, helps other engineers set up
Cons: Sucks at all explosive based classes (Soldier, Demo etc.), rushes head-first into combat, micspams, gets distracted by sprays, need a dispenser here, fails to be funny

Whee, hope I balanced good and bad things about my playing
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Postby Lorax12 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:02 pm

Alright... a shot in the dark...

Nickname: Toxin Tractor
Pros: decent heavy, old consle TF2 player, trys to keep the front moving as much as he can, doesnt mind being called in to help out in a match.
Cons: loud, rather talkitive, has strong distain for commen classes and explosive based wepons, and cant stand snipers, has trouble with classes that require good relfexs like sniper or scout..
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Postby Mr. Munchlax » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:53 am

Ok... I'll try this

Nickname: |UHG| Munch
Favorite Classes: Pyro, Medic, Heavy
Pros: I'm a very aggressive pyro player, I'm a team player especially as a medic.
Cons: I goof around often in smaller games but take the game a bit too seriously in larger ones.
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Postby Ayeaka » Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:32 am

Nickname: Torie, Vinnie, Frau,
Classes: (favorites are highlighted) Scout, Pyro, Soldier, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Spy
Pros: Decent medic. Good offensive rush engineer+ decent soldier/pyro maps depending. Good at defending others as scout, heavy, or medic. Can be an engineer's best friend as a defensive spy. :P However I'm one of those that either has a super rush as spy, or gets flung about the whole map.
As heavy or pyro I make a good uber buddy for room clearing. Pyro preferred. In the off-chance I'm demo (rare) I am effective against sentries, but not much else. Don't expect me to magically destroy half the universe or something.
Kritz rushes, heavy and soldier ONLY, please. And please never kritz me as soldier unless we're at a place where it's effective, such as a tighter space where my rockets can't be dodged.

Cons: I have a tendency to battle medic. I can get impatient as a defensive engineer, and often rush into the fray when I shouldn't. However, this is rarely a bad thing, unless I'm the only engineer. Also, my mouse spazzes at random, so my accuracy is questionable day by day. One day I'm amazingly accurate, on another I can't shoot for shit. I'm a decent marksman as a spyt, however... but I often have issues with timing. I'm also notoriously unlucky, and if there is a single lag issue, I WILL run into it. Guaranteed. If there is a laggy spy, I WILL be facestabbed. If there is a laggy sniper, I WILL be shot through walls.
As spy I am also highly dependent on my team, and how I do has a tendency to do with how much my team is benefiting me, or fucking me over. (IE, is that pyro/scout flanking for me, or getting me caught, repeatedly?)
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Postby Leif » Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:38 am

Nickname: N/A (I need to come up with something witty besides just Leif)

Classes (My favorites in order of my thoughts on my skill with them, highest to lowest): PYRO, Scout, Sniper, Heavy

Pros: The element of surprise. I tend to be at my best when I can ambush, whether it's around corners, from underneath, behind enemy lines, or from above! When I'm with a good medic buddy on these assault missions, things get that much more fun.

Cons: Though I like coordinating with my team, I'm the type that tends to physically stray from it depending on my class. Usually as a pyro or scout, I'll rush ahead in the hopes of getting a decent ambush. Despite being separate from my team, I still tend to be highly team dependent. Ambushes are -so- much easier when everyone else is distracted with my team (not that I would ever use you guys for such a purpose :twisted: ) . In addition, my skill seems to be based on the factors of positive momentum and a decent team. If my team isn't doing their job, I tend to suffer as well, and if I'm just having an off-day, things can get pretty nasty.

Oh right, I'm also famous for being a coin toss on ubers. I'll either destroy everything or fail epicly.
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Postby Sekh765 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:56 am

Nickname: Sekh, Sekh765
Fav classes: Spy, Sometimes medic.
Pros: I've been playing spy a ton, so I've got all the basic staying alive skills of spy down. I use the cloak and dagger exclusively to great effect. I also have perfected the stab and sap maneuver on any level of sentry, so if I can get back up, I can usually remove any sentry from play. I play a pretty conservative medic to, so I can usually build some nice Kritz's (Sorry ubercharge, your just not as fun.), and I'm always around fer games, even late night ^_^.
Cons: I have a terrible habit of getting angry at certain classes that kill me, such as Heavies (I'm looking at you Nynnja), and will charge at them as a spy in an effort to kill them...I also think I enjoy stalking the slower classes with my C and D a little to thats prolly not good. I will abandon anyone I'm healing if I think they are about to get me killed, usually without warning :P. Oh, and I feel instinctually compelled NO MATTER WHAT, to sneak up to, or even charge through lines of sentries, to back stab sandvich eating heavies, then instantly dieing to everyone around me.
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Postby Makaze » Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:53 pm

Nickname: Makaze, Sabishi
Classes: Primary; Medic and Pyro. Secondary; Soldier Engineer


General: I know what team loyalty means, I won't jump to *insert popular player/good player here*'s team, or bail even when we're losing, unlike some people. I try to go back to my original team when auto'd despite the situation. I tend to leave arrogant/asshole type players to rot, as this is a game and that sort of shit annoys me. I left halo 3 to come here to get away from that. Will always RTV maps like 2fort/Turbine and anything like those maps. I tend to prefer Payload and control point over CTF.

As medic: Dedicated healer, has no problem going into massive amounts of gunfire to get his heal on. Defensive medic (Sorry Kritzkreig doesn't fit my play style). Tends to be on the ball when that little "e" key is pushed. Follows orders from whoever has taken "leader" role without question, within reason. Spy Magnet (self explanatory cuzz, well I'm a medic) Good decoy away from offensive class he's healing. Focuses more on offense/pushing classes than support classes as they are not on the front.

As Pyro: Purely Autonomous. Decent at Sentry destruction and Ambushes. Loves to baby sit Engies as they set up. Selective targeting (Aka medics, spies, spies...more spies) Work a lot better in twisty maps, like Egypt or Frontier. Does not fear mortal death as long as panic and disorder is sowed in enemy operations.


General: Rancid Video card, so I bog down sometimes (GeForce 6200). Prone to bouts of single mindedness when dominated, as a Pyro, where I tend not to listen unless someone nudges me.
Despises assholes who feel the best way to get something is to bitch and belittle their team or others. I have in the past bailed mid heal on these types and let them die, cuzz they deserve it for being arrogant, overbearing douche bags who forget that that dude/dudette manning the controls is still a human being.

Pyro: Autonomous, tends to get me in trouble. Tends to focus on one target once lit up, also tends to go...a little ragey.

Medic: Much like my Sabishi, timid and not offense based, so if isolated tends to run, and returns fire the moment I remember oh hey I have a gun.

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Postby Tehrasha » Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:18 pm

This will only work as long as people maintain their nicknames.
I cannot believe how many people I do not recognize on my 'Friends' list because they keep changing their nicknames.
I dont mean in-game funny name changes, I'm talking long term weeks at a time changes...sometimes including their icon.

Nickname: Tehrasha, Tehrasha [ACTF2]
Favorite Class: Pyro, Demo (depending on map and situation)

Pro: As pyro, I try to play equal parts spy elimination, point defense, with a smattering of rush-in-causing-total-chaos thrown in. Prefer regular flamethrower and flaregun. As Demoman, I am nowhere near Doom levels of expertise, but I cannot count the number of times that I have taken down sentries while my teammates discuss building an uber to kill them. Prefer pipes over stickies, especially in tight situations where I dont live long enough to detonate the stickies. :)

Con: Often do not take the game srsly enough. I have no qualms about rushing flame-on into a group of heavies, just for the chaos factor. This often leads to a negative kill/death ratio. Please do NOT uber me if without clearing it with me over the mic. Without a clear plan of action, I promise that I will be disappointing. :)
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Postby Nikova » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:01 am

I'll give it a throw.

Nickname: TBH-<My Clan Rank Goes Here>.NiKo
Favorite Classes: Spy, Soldier, (Battle) Medic, Engineer

Pros: I tend to try and lead the way for people, as I usually resort to force than tactics (this is when soldier comes in). People tend to be afraid of things, and me rushing in depending on what I'm up against will help them out. I'm very passionate for spies, so I try to help them when I can. I'm a team player, and I normally try to stick to someone who is after the same objective, but otherwise I tend to go lone wolf when they fail to comply with my advice or if they go their own ways. I love to defend, and I try to defend as best I can.

Cons: Healing others- I suck at the game in general, but that's my worst ability.
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