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Postby RumRunner » Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:24 pm

ok if you have not looked around and found out the true tax raising bracket required to pay for all of Obama's programs (which you know for damn sure he isn't gonna cut) is going to be everyone making over 42.5k per year per family (if you had listened to all of his speeches you would have seen this coming. first it was 250k, then 200k, and in a more recent speech of Biden's it was 100k.) this tax bracket means that any families who's total income is $20 per hour (working 40 week) will get a tax increase. so basically ANYONE who gets a college degree is going to be taxed out the ass to pay for the "plans" you cannot find an engineering job with a starting salary under this. you cannot even find a drafting job with a starting salary under that (requires maybe 1.5 years in college provided you are good at it).

this is what the numbers say so the grand economic plan is basically going to fuck everyone who went to the effort of getting a college degree up. increasing taxes is NOT the thing to do in a recession it only makes it worse. even Clinton and every president before him knew this. when times are rough taxes got cut when they were doing better then taxes could be increased. yet if these "oh so wonderful programs" are passed like planned there will be no choice but to raise taxes DURING A RECESSION the biggest economic fuck-up you can do.
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