A Sad Day for Canada

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http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canadav ... -main.html

Canadians can now "turn the page on the uncertainties and repeat elections of the past seven years," Stephen Harper said Monday night as voters delivered the Conservative leader his first majority government and brought a dramatic and unpredicted realignment to the country's political landscape.

The re-elected prime minister told the country that government affairs will begin "as early as tomorrow" with a plan for creating jobs and growth without increasing taxes, immediate help for families and seniors and eliminating the deficit while maintaining health-care transfers to provinces and territories.

"And friends I have to say it — a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government," Harper told a cheering crowd in Calgary, a reference to his oft-repeated refrain during the campaign.


With 99 per cent of polls reporting, the Conservatives won 167 seats, followed by the NDP with 102, Liberals with 34 and the Bloc Québécois with four and the Green Party with one. A party needs to capture 155 seats to win a majority in the House of Commons.

Despite his majority victory, Harper pledged to work with other parties and praised their leaders after a efforts over five weeks.

"We are intensely aware that we are and we must be the government of all Canadians, including those who did not vote for us," Harper said.
The Conservatives gained 23 seats, mostly in Ontario, while the Liberals suffered a 43-seat drop.

I know most of you don't follow Canadian politics, but the current government of Canada (rebranded as the Harper Government) was found in contempt of parliament about 2 months ago, the first time in history in any commonwealth nation. As the motion of no confidence was passed on, Canada began its election. During the campaigning, Stephen Harper made a fool of himself and democracy many times, from booting people from his rallies simply because they did not agree with him or attended the other parties' rallies, to answering to criticism with the simple phrase "that's simply not true", to being the only candidate that was not pro-internet. Since 2006 his Conservative Party of Canada was a minority government, but even then they have caused nothing but hardship in Canada, most notably the G20 fiasco in 2010, where thousands of nonviolent protesters were arrested.

This election, we had the chance to kick him out once and for all and take our Canada back, but yesterday, his party won a majority government. Of all the lies, the scandals, and the corruption he spews, he is still in power, and with a majority government, he is free to do whatever he wants. The emotion I feel right now is a mixture of anger and fear. The Canada I once knew will be but a distant memory.

I'd write more and more, but in my current mental state I'll probably go right into "angry gibberish" territory. This website has a good list of all the shit Harper has done.
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