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Team Fortress 2 Update Released
TF2 Blog
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

* Added new options for Pyrovision to the Advanced Options dialog
    o Added enable/disable for the HUD border
    o Added the ability to make the HUD border static
    o Added the ability to turn off the skybox depth of field
* Fixed The Sandvich and The Buffalo Steak Sandvich using the wrong models when thrown
* Fixed not seeing the blue team skin for the Robot Chicken Hat
* Fixed not seeing team colors on the sleeves for The Equalizer and The Escape Plan
* Fixed The Escape Plan allowing medic calls
* Fixed The Beggar's Bazooka exploding on random targets in the world when overloading
* Fixed The Hitman's Heatmaker bodyshot damage penalty affecting the Sniper's other weapons
* Fixed The Amputator's radius heal effect applying to players who have The Escape Plan deployed
* Fixed the Rainblower taunt attacking players through walls
* Optimized the Rainblower taunt particles
* Updated Sd_Doomsday
    o Fixed rocket lid staying open sometimes after a player drops the Australium on the lift
    o Fixed case where the lift could continue traveling up when a player with the Australium died at the same time he touched the lift
* Updated the localization files
* Updated the gamehaptics file:
    o Added recoil/reload/draw/crit forces for the Baby Face's Blaster
    o Added new recoil forces for The Beggar's Bazooka, The Cleaner's Carbine, The Hitman's Heatmaker, The Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol and The Scorch Shot
    o Added more detail to the reloads for the Scattergun, the Baby Face's Blaster, the SMG, and The Cleaner's Carbine
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