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For TFP server admins to post news or information related to the game servers.

Postby NikkyVix » Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:54 pm

UPDATED May 23rd, 2010

Hi there,

Were you perhaps banned in a means or situation you deem to be unfair or contestable? Well listen up, Jack: This is the information you'll need to make your request of the admins for unbanning.

Please provide as much information as you can. Helpful details include the circumstances under which you were banned, who did the banning, when the banning took place, and a sensible reason as to why you feel you should be unbanned. Mistakes happen, and if your case is one which the admins can see being reconsidered, we shall see what can be done.

You can contest your ban at this link here. Please be courteous; being irate, offensive, or drama-farming will not help your chances for an overturn decision, and neither will repeated appeals after any sort of decision is made via this correspondence.

These transmissions will be held in confidence between the admins and the player and cannot be viewed by other parties.

Please note that we likely cannot help you if you were banned for any of the following:
    Hacking (the use of aimbots, recoil hacks, wallhacks or 3rd party exploits of any kind to gain an advantage)
    Abuse (harassment of other players, disruption of another player's game experience)
    Assault of Server Services (causing the servers to behave improperly or malfunction in any way)
    Excessive Trolling (non-stop or repetitive HLSS, text and/or mic-spam, particularly during a full server)

Requesting Your Ban Status
In the event that you were banned without seeing notice of the duration of the ban, or would like to know the status of your ban and how long it will remain in effect, please send a querying PM to the Admins via this link with your Steam ID or Community name (do NOT use this to contest your ban). We rarely permaban anyone and our banning tier system does not permaban for small offenses. The typical ban cases on our servers are usually from a day to a couple weeks, depending on the nature of the act and the record of the offender.
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