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1. No being an ass.

This is a community, and it's a fairly closeknit one. We game together because we know each other and, for the most part like each other. We won't discourage new people from joining out little group. However, what we do ask is that if you do decide to game with us that you refrain from acting like a complete and utter jerk.

That means that things like mean-spirited taunting over voice and allchat are no-gos. First offense gets a gentle reminder of the rules. Second offense gets a warning. Third offense gets you silenced-that's the inability to text *or* chat for those of you not in the know. If I get to the point where I have to silence you, I'm not a happy bunny.

2. No Spawn Camping.

Now admittedly I'm a bit more millitant about this than most people, so I'll compromise: You can go by once, get a kill or two to get your jollies, rush spawn if you absolutely have to but do not stay there. This means that some things are verboten, as the Medic would say. These include, but are not limited to:

-repeatedly setting up stickies in front of spawn. (You know who you are)

-standing in a corner for five minutes on end, backstabbing people as they come out

-setting up a sentry right in front of spawn

-Ubering more than once and charging spawn

Do *not* use the "Legitimate Strategy" defense with us, we do not want to hear it. This rule is in place to help ensure the enjoyment of *all* players on the server, and it is not fair to BLU if they're trying to attack and they can't get out of their spawn for an entire round. On such maps like Turbine and 2Fort, where going by spawn is a necessary part of getting to the objective, try not to stay there. This rule applies to all maps including ones with multiple exits.

3. No Mic Spamming.


Good idea: Playing a funny 30 second-1 minute clip over HLSS.

Bad idea: Playing the entirety of Beethoven's 5th over HLSS.

Good idea: Chatting cross-team with RED/BLU while playing.

Bad idea: Screaming incessantly into the mic.

Good idea: Shutting up when you see/hear someone else is trying to speak and letting them speak.

Bad idea: Trying to speak over someone else or, worse yet, yell over them.

Common courtesy is the rule here, people. We have some members of our community with sensitive hearing and it's not fair to them to have to turn off voicechat because people can't be courteous to one another. If it gets bad enough, an admin does have the discretion to do something about it, ranging from giving a warning to turning alltalk off completely.

4. Sitting in Spec.

Notice this doesn't say "No sitting in Spec" because there are, obviously, exceptions to this rule. Such as going spec when you plan to be away for several minutes (getting food, stepping away from the computer, etc.) is preferable to sitting in spawn, AFK and pissing off your fellow teammates.

However,sitting in spec when the server is full and people are waiting to get in is not cool. Going spec to force autobalance is even worse. The server does have a script to kick you if you're sitting in spec long enough, but if an admin is playing (and one usually is), expect to be kicked long before that if you don't respond to requests to get in game.

If you are going spec for an extended period of time, please send the admins a message so that we know. If we know, then we probably won't start swinging the boot unless it's full and there are other people who really want to get in.

The same applies if you spend too long AFK/idling in spawn, especially if you are on the team with less players. It's no fun trying to defend against 10 with 8 people out of 9. In the same case, if you need to go AFK/idle for any period of time and are already playing, please switch to spectator for the same reason, so that the teams can be balanced out, rather than potentially widening the gap.

The boot will only start getting swung if the server is full, but don't take that as an invite to constantly spectate.
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