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Postby Witchiebunny » Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:40 pm

Hey guys!

TFP has been around bordering, two years. In that time we've been mostly a Team Fortress 2 community. However with the opening of the Bad Company 2 servers, we're branching out into being a true overall gaming community.

And we feel that our logo should reflect that. :)

SO! That's where you guys come in. Instead of one of the admins throwing up a new logo, we're opening it up to the entire community.

We want YOU, our members, to design our new logo! After all the submissions are in, it will go to the admins to vote.

Here are the rules:

Submissions are to be no larger than 500x500 px.
Remember that this will be used for the group, and the community, the site, everything. So it MUST be appropriate.

Nothing NSFW, no fetishes.

Helpful Guide

Remember that the image will likely be shrunk down, so high resolution and simple is best.

Try to keep it on a transparent background. If you need help with that, contact one of us.

Please be careful with pawprints. We won't outright ban it, but keep in mind it probably will not be chosen by admins.

Remember, this is for a GAMING community. So some combination of gaming and furries would be best.

You have until June 28th to post your submissions to THIS thread. The Winner will be posted on July 25th.

Have fun!
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