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Postby Ayeaka » Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:07 am

Ok, so, the advertising IS bringing in some awesome new people.. I can't lie there.

Unfortunately it seems to attract lots of trolls as of late, and direct assholes. Yeah, I got all bent out of shape but as much as those there claimed I was 'overreacting', what they DIDN'T see, was that I'd been on the server trying to 'wait them out' since 8 my time that MORNING, and 5 hours later, they were still harassing me, every single map.

And yes, I was ignoring them. The only reason I didn't mute them, was because the two were foolish enough to talk nonstop whenever cloaked as a spy.

(No, I'm not joking. That IS the reason.)

And I can only take so much. Wouldn't any of YOU finally snap after five hours of nonstop bitching, having someone making constant sexist comments, insult your playing, berate you for losing, and claim you didn't know what you were doing even when you did win? In edition to, of course, the required 'get back in the kitchen' comments i've been getting daily, from our latent flux of /b/tards.

It seems like nearly every time I logon to the server now, it's full.
....of perhaps one or two neat new people, and the rest? Either the stereotypical MICless, clueless pubfags, or, even better, and even MORE common..
Who will attack any female player playing, generally. I'm just the female that plays TF2 here most OFTEN I suppose. But they attack any other female player that happens to use their MIC.

The new people are cool. I like meeting newcomers. I like new friends, new faces, fresh ideas. I'm all for it.

..I just wish...that it didn't come with 10 trolls per totallyawesomenewbielawl.

(Just wanted to rant and get that off my chest.)

The two, I'll contact someone if they ever harass me again. Every admin on my friendslist was either sleeping, or away at the time. x_X
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