Strangers, I'm not giving away my golden wrench (#60)

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Postby Sicmendor » Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:13 pm

Edit (2017-Jan-11th): Looking back at this post of mine, I admit that I was in part toxic toward this kind of people. I'm hiding the stranger's nickname and I'm giving a more civilized rant.

First and foremost the most important: the golden wrench's page in the official TF2 wiki ( ) has the most important info that you need to know about the item, including that is NOT tradeable and NOT giftable (this includes that it can't be wrapped to gift it to others). And even if one of these two were possible, I'm not giving the item to anyone.

The users that only adds me due to the golden wrench and nothing more gets removed from my list in the long run, and in a worse case scenario the user gets permanently blocked. To be honest, it's sad to be praised only because of an item and not because of the skills that I have or other characteristics about myself.

I play really little as an engineer since I don't know when, and when I do, I don't show the golden wrench if I'm not in a really good mood or convinced that it is a good moment to use it, like having saxxy and/or golden frying pan in the same server to add more enthusiasm to the situation. The reason why I don't show the wrench continuously is because I don't want to be popular or famous just because of the wrench, that would be really cheap from my part.

The golden wrench is a very good and unique item in a cosmetic level, the damage stats of it are the same as a normal wrench.

And last but not least important: I haven't considered the possibility to strangify the golden wrench or even add it a killstreak, and I don't want to either, since I show/use the wrench really little. I want to keep my golden wrench as it is (except for the name and description).

A lot of time has passed and people are not very interested in the golden wrench (which is a good thing for me), and there are also other items like the Saxxy and the Golden Frying Pan that any class can use (I can only use the wrench as an engineer).

I felt the need to do this more civilized rant, I hope that it was useful for you.

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miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012
16:50 - <stranger>: hey mate
16:50 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: hi there
16:50 - <stranger>: i dont know if you play tf2 but you have some cool stuf
16:51 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: yeah
16:51 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: what do you want?
16:51 - <stranger>: now i buy hats but i like that wrench
16:52 - <stranger>: or festive knive ?
16:52 - <stranger>: what are the price's
16:53 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: none of these two are for sale, the wrench is not tradable
16:53 - <stranger>: i can buy a wrap
16:53 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: is not wrapable either
16:53 - <stranger>: realy?
16:54 - <stranger>: i didn't know that
16:54 - <stranger>: are you sure?
16:54 - <stranger>: i realy like to buy it
16:56 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: Are you putting in doubt my answers?
16:56 - <stranger>: doubt?
16:57 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: it's not tradable and neither warpable, and you ask me if I'm sure about that
16:57 - <stranger>: so i only can get the wrench if i buy your acount?
16:57 - Sicmendor Darkaxe: get out of my sight
[Perma-Blocked and removed from my list]
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Does people wanting to get the golden wrench fucking read the wiki page of it?, shit! I'm not giving it away even if it was possible, I'm not trading it for anything, and I'm Never selling my account.

This kind of strangers gets perma-blocked in my list because they want my wrench and nothing more. You'll just have to take a look at the log to see that he didn't asked me how I was, and I wasn't about to ask him how he was because of the groups he were in: Idling Trollerz, Saigns (yeah, fucking, those really bad and awfuly modded servers)...

I'm tolerant mostly, but cases like this are exceptions.

The official wiki article of the golden wrench:

Ugh... I had to let it out.
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