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Postby pablofiasco » Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:29 pm


Why is it, that every time i actually get some money set aside, and things seem to be taking a turn for the "ok",
shit happens, not just shit, but several shovels of shit heaped upon a shit hill in the land of shit
firstly, my wifes car is on its way to death, transmission going out, has to be replaced "soon", To Expensive, but we can live with it becuse, hey, i have my car still, and her car "sorta" works..........
woke up yeterday morning......to find all the pipes in my house have frozen, and the sub-basement shows signs of "Yo dawg, i heard you like indoor swimming pools".......
So i dress and head to work, unshowred.....and my T&*(_ GHPOJ car wont start, Took nearly 10 minutes, at -7 windchill, FUCKING WITH CRAP I DONT KN OW CARS
and finally i get it started, althought it had a tendancy to die at...well every time i took my foot of the gas
ya, that was really fucking fun, esepcailly since its 5am, and im reving my engine at a stoplight......With a goddam police car next to me,
dudes looking at me like imdrunk and trying to race him or something, so luight changes, i of course go first, BAM pulled over .
Expalined to him whats going on, i get let off on a warning.
work sucked.
leave for work......car is dead again, 15 minutes this time.
Eventaully get it to my brothers garage, and at first, it looked like just "oh, your antifreeze is low, and i think theres a bit of water mixed in your gas"
well thank fucking god and easy fix....but wait THERES MORE!
we start car running and he notices.....the%&*(_ stream of antifreeze coming from my jeeps radiator where teh *(_ ^#{ thing has sprung a leak
Well thats a replacemnt there, thatll cost about $250 in parts, and oh ya, YOUR BATTERY IS ABOUT TO DIEEXPLODEDEATH you need a new one of those
along with RAWR BAGELS your tires arent Going to last the winter
%Y*()V%(_TY*MC@Y &^+( 7 =0W&^V& &+()6 w$B_&VM^)$w0

now im up shit creek without a paddle...or boat,
ive got just enough to cover the replacement radiator, other then that, im well and truley buggered,
cant use anything water based at home, have to drive over to my moms to shower, etc

anyway, just wanted to vent a bit, get it off my chest
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