Hurrdurr, i'm a Sniper [Rant]

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Postby MaskedJackal » Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:33 pm

Purplecat wrote:I have no problem with snipers.

I have problems with snipers who aren't teamplayers.

Unfortunately there exists way too many of the latter category.

^ This.

Many need to learn to move around and actually assist the team.Too many snipers sit in the same spot and take multiple potshots at whoever happens to walk into their scope while rarely repositioning themselves. Personally, I don't scope until I can either see my target or know he's there (unless I am covering an area, then I'll scope it and wait a little while, but not too long). This gives me a much greater field of view. If I need to charge a shot, I'll do so while tracking my target. However, continually popping enemy heavies in the head is a great way to pump out some damage and help weaken them so your team can pick them off. A fully-charged shot is not always needed, so ya don't need to stand there scoped the whole time. Also, don't always use the typical "sniper spots". Use some weird positioning to catch the other team off-guard. Surprise-sniper is quite effective. :3

Also, the Razorback is just plain bad. It can easily be replaced good awareness, which is something that doesn't waste a weapon slot. The SMG is nice for pumping out some extra damage, and it will save your life more often than you think. Jarate will net you quite a few assists and really aids your team in throwing out damage and racking up frags/forcing the enemy to retreat. Both options are infinitely better and more helpful than the Razorback, which does nothing but award spies one less point for having to use the revolver instead of the knife.

Something else that I find mildly annoying is when I am sniping and the enemy team has three or four snipers sitting there waiting to bodyshot me. I scope in on one and I get popped by another. Not cool. ;_; However, while those snipers may have neutralized me, I've got 11 teammates backing me up that they're brushing off. :3

Conclusion: There's nothing wrong with snipers. Just quit standin' around and do work.
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Postby Tails » Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:15 pm

I agree that theres something not clicking with the weighted companion snipers or the average pub sniper, they are idiots and dont really care for the game and just go for kills and they make me wish that friendly fire was on lots of times.But merely out performing them and moving forward usually makes them change since you are getting the kills that they are waiting for and its either they change class or just sit there waiting for a spy to put a bullet in their brain, huntsman snipers....dont know what they are doing, they try to use it like the rifle and never really use it for its intended job *cough* close range combat*cough*.
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Postby Mr. Munchlax » Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:10 pm

I like annoying snipers by shooting them with a flare, makes it harder for them to aim at you when they're on fire. :p
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Postby Taggerung » Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:29 pm

Sniper can be a fun class to play depending on how you wanna play it
Turtle sniper is boring, the type of sniper that sits on sniper decks all day long. I doesn't help you get any better either

The type of sniper that anyone could enjoy playing would be the offensive sniper
You gotta be a good shot, and it helps you get better as well
Plus its a lot of fun
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Postby skunkfox » Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:23 am

Purplecat wrote:I have no problem with snipers.

I have problems with snipers who aren't teamplayers.

Unfortunately there exists way too many of the latter category.

I'm the kind of camper sniper some of you loath, but I'm also the one giving your turtle engies warnings about spy's, and heavy medic combo's and such that actually make it through my killing field. Though when I go offensive sniper is usually when the chaos starts. You'd be surprised at how many folks I've killed from their own battlements while they still think I'm on my side of the map.

Same thing goes when I play spy, and Scout... (Which some people need to remember that when you play spy and scout part of your job is to relay info of what's ahead so the others don't get their butts handed to them by a bloody trap!
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Postby Talynn » Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:33 pm

As an assault and accuracy sniper, my priority of targets are very critical.

Heavies, Demomen, and especially Medics are my priority targets. Secondary priority are soldiers, engineers, and especially other Snipers. Snipers may take higher priority than others depending on how many they've also killed on my team.

No one really understands how good a sniper is until the team that doesnt have one, isn't seeing the covering fire they're being given. That, or the sniper just isn't firing accurately.

But, when I feel a game is already just on a roll....


I just go out on a smorgasbord to see how many people I can shoot in the head, in one life. But thats just me being funny.

Being serious, however, is making sure that my team as the ease of victory, by eliminating the more difficult components that create the opposing team.

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Postby Makaze » Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:14 pm

Personally for me. Sniper has never been my cup of tea. I'm just too fidgety like the bunny I am. If' I'm not moving or more active than the activity a normal sniper has I get...jumpy. It's just too wait and see for my likes.

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