Celeberties (And why I hate them.) [Contains swearing]

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Postby Zareth » Mon May 17, 2010 3:38 am

Note: This posts contains a lot of colorful language, please do not view this at work, if its a bit too ragey, do feel free to lock or delete. :x

Holy. shit.

Can we just bomb L.A. and Hollywood and get it over with already? The 'glitz' and 'glamor' make me insane with rage. Why are celebrities supposed to be so much more endearing than the average person?

Why must I constantly see a whole bunch of news on some eating disorder having, vapid, $100,000 a day lifestyle, cunt, that I do not care about? Why do these 'stars' sit on their gazillions of dollars, then have the balls to wank on about giving a charity a one off donation of a few hundered thousand dollars, sing on some fucking charity album [and expect to get PR coverage in return], or give MILLIONS to fucking SCIENTOLOGY, and then appear the next week on an episode of Cribs, showing off their mad tyte whips and mansion yo?! FUCK your shit! What about the struggling economy you're in? What about the billions of people starving across the world? What about the people of Orleans [who have still not received adequate aid to this day].

While this may not extend to all people in the industry [I must insist that there are many people who do not fall under this rant, and are in fact wonderful and deserving people. EG. George Clooney is a humble and quiet person. He is deserving of his wealth. Amy Winehouse is a drug fuelled trainwreck that gets publicity everytime she farts. She does NOT deserve anything but a fucking long stay in rehab and a punch in the face], the percentage that it does apply to more than makes up for the gap. Here's a fucking example. The Jacksons. Fuck. You. Less than a fucking YEAR after Micheals death, the rest of the five get together and start making their own reality show. OH. MY. GOD. What's wrong guys? Sad that MJ's kids got all the money? Broke as fuck already? Yeah, lets create some bullshit show where we try and sing together, and walk around talking about nothing all day, because people will suck that shit up like a Dyson, because its the Jackson name, and its mushy as fuck, and we learn and love and live together and FUCKING CHRIST I HATE YOU!

This has been a week-months worth of rage, feels good to get that out man. Feels good.
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