An Issue I see with TFP TF2

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Postby Sekh765 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:42 am

FlareKitsune wrote:
Sekh765 wrote:
FlareKitsune wrote:*My $0.02*

If I get autobalanced after either punching a hole in the other teams defense, or defending a critical point/intel, then yes. I am going to switch to spectator and go back onto my original team.

You want to balance it that badly? STT. Don't force it on people, Valve.

Actually, no, you won't. Since the new plugin prevents you from doing it. Like, completely. It even tells you you can't do it. Attempting to circumvent said plugin will make me sad.

And yet when I'm playing, I'll see "So-and-so it's trying to re-stack the teams! For shame!" (the going to spectator)

It can't be enforced. People do this ALL the time. Wait for the teams to be evened out, then switch to spec.

That's not forcing autobalance through spec. I don't care if you want to rejoin your team once your balanced. You just will NOT be doing it at the expense of other players. As you have already stated, the plugin prevents it. We don't enforce people staying on the team once teams are even again if they want to go back to their other team. It'd be way to hard to enforce, and isn't really a problem. Autobalance =/= Scramble.
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