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Booted for 'wasting a slot'

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Postby oditogre » Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:35 am

So I got on TFP #4 tonight in, woohoo, surprisingly little wait time. Turns out, as is sometimes the case, the team I joined was getting rolled, bad. Oh well, no big deal, I'm a middle-of-the-scoreboard player most of the time anyways, just here to relax and have fun. So I roll with it, we go a few rounds where (most, anyways) of the server is doing melee because votescramble keeps failing, that's fun for a bit, then everybody goes back to trying, so I snipe for a while, demo for a while, etc., keep trying to push towards the point (KOTH map, I didn't recognize it), etc. Then I switch to mini-sentry engie, do that for a couple lives, and I'm setting up a mini on our side of the point sort of facing towards our own spawn since lots of the other team's guys are gathering there to kill us before we can get to point. Anyways. I drop the sentry, and *bam* disconnected for wasting a slot. What the heck?! It's not like I was idling or griefing or anything stupid like that. I refresh the server and see there are three or four people who have joined within the last 30 seconds. I checked console but it doesn't say who kicked me anywhere I can find:

[SM] ADMIN: Kicked Lanepaws™ (Reason: "Wasting a slot")
S?? Benjamin ??? ?Jet? killed [GE]TheBlueFox (BG:EE Multi?) with frontier_justice.
Greyscale killed S?? Benjamin ??? ?Jet? with backburner.
Greyscale killed Charlie DeCat with backburner.
Cockroach connected
Talynn killed Dot with loch_n_load.
Oovie connected
Disconnect: "Wasting a slot".
Disconnect: "Wasting a slot".

(That includes one other person apparently getting the boot, too.) I dunno. There were some guys jumping / taunting in spawn, maybe admin thought I was one, but I definitely wasn't. Kinda crappy, I play on your servers pretty frequently and it's such a bear to get connected nearly all day every day, to get a comparatively fast connection without having to queue forever, only to catch the boot for no reason kinda sucks. I know it's not a ban, but still. What the heck?
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Postby Sicmendor » Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:08 am

Here's my point of view.

I have been summoned to the server due that a player reported me an issue in server #4 (I won't reveal any more details).

When I was waiting for a slot, I saw two or three demoman doing the grenade launcher taunt (ka-boom) in front of a combination of two posters, repeatedly for a good while, giving me the impression that they were wasting a slot. I saw some players of the blu team not being cooperative inside of spawn, therefore the reason red steamrolled blu.

But it doesn't end there. I kept looking over blu spawn to see that players should actually play. When I joined the server, I jumped in spec to keep observating the blu spawn, and I find a ridiculous scenario: two engineers having a lvl 3 dispenser and sentry next to each spawn exit. I say ridiculous since spawn camping is against the rules in the server (if someone is spawn camping, you or any player should tell right away). They both stayed for a good while next to the spawn. I kicked both engineers because indeed they were wasting a slot (at least one of them was a demoman who was taunting at the sprays).

After the kicks, I was still watching the area inside and near blu spawn. I have to say and I admit that the kick that I gave to you was misunderstood. I thought that you were like those two engineers when you, in fact, were trying to play good.

I appologise for kicking you, and only you, Oditogre.

You should report in the main chat of the group (if you're not into the group, you can get an invite) or to one of the administrators or moderators when players in your team are griefing or wasting a slot, and even more when there's a bunch about that. You can even report to me if you consider appropiate.

A player reported me for one issue, and I found this one that I explained in this post.
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Postby Mew » Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:57 pm

I can relate, but I wasn't booted, hell no, I was permabanned for "wasting a slot" to quote my closest friend, "Hidden: its offical the current admins are total dicktators"
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Postby garfieldairlines » Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:25 pm

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