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Re: The Death Penalty

I'm for it, in fact. To quote Tolkien, "Some that die deserve to live, some that live deserve death" (Or something similar to that, but you get the idea). EXCEPT IN SOME CASES Case A: Guy on death row is a terrorist. Said terrorist believes that if he dies he will be a martyr and will get ...
by Cpt. Nuke
Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:23 am
Forum: Politics
Topic: The Death Penalty
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Re: A Doomed Matter

Doom is basically one of the, if not the best friend I have on steam. He's told me that basically he just has phenomenal amounts of luck. I'm sure you all have heard of Omfgninja, right? The "super spy"? Doom wound up on the same team as him, both were spies. Whereas Ninja was promptly gan...
by Cpt. Nuke
Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:10 am
Forum: Rants & Raves
Topic: A Doomed Matter
Replies: 19
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Re: What is your political stance?

Same here, Libertarian. Both sides have some excellent ideals but most are absolute cock ups. As Nuke said, im a freaking Gun fanatic, the right to defend yourself is key and listen to this kiddies. What does a tyrant do first when he comes into power? He removes the peoples ability to defend thems...
by Cpt. Nuke
Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:05 am
Forum: Politics
Topic: What is your political stance?
Replies: 29
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Re: Guno can draw?

The bat looks vaguely............phallic.
by Cpt. Nuke
Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:59 am
Forum: Art Alley
Topic: Guno can draw?
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Re: Sniper training: Leading your Target and much more

well if you continue to enjoy being sniper so much just be warned that you are as a sniper at the top of my hit list... unless i am an engi then it is soldiers and demomen... Soldiers? You mean me? I really like killing your dispensers. :3 I don't know why, but hearing someone scream "GOD DAMN...
by Cpt. Nuke
Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:58 am
Forum: Help
Topic: Sniper training: Leading your Target and much more
Replies: 10
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Re: Favorite TF2 Moments

On dustbowl today I somehow managed to cap the final point alone as a demo. Except...I launched myself at the point with stickies, killed an enemy demo with a crit sticky to the face (Still in-flight, of course), and then landed. The only resistance was a confused heavy who I promptly reduced into b...
by Cpt. Nuke
Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:02 pm
Forum: Fun
Topic: Favorite TF2 Moments
Replies: 218
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Re: Dragoncon?

Pics after it happens.
by Cpt. Nuke
Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:53 pm
Forum: Pound Chatter
Topic: Dragoncon?
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Re: The Rules

What is extreme and what is not is purely objective. Some extreme-religious-right-wing-conservative fur (If there ever was such a thing... :V) could consider even a little bit of nudity within the grounds of extreme. Some people might consider even the most hardcore sprays to be normal. It's within ...
by Cpt. Nuke
Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:12 am
Forum: Server News Rules & Announcements
Topic: Old Rules Thread
Replies: 42
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Re: GATM...

Can't actually view thread but the background makes my eyes bleed. Here --------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally Posted by Saber15 It's not exactly hard to figure out if somebody is furry; Half the time you can tell just from the name. I know a lot of them. Yeah, that's...
by Cpt. Nuke
Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:46 am
Forum: Rants & Raves
Topic: GATM...
Replies: 4
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Re: Memorable Movie Moments

The end of Iron Giant, I only say this because I saw it last night. This movie is in my opinion the last great animated children's movie, when they weren't afraid of seriousness in film. My god I love that movie. I've loved it since I was... eight or so. I...
by Cpt. Nuke
Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:29 pm
Forum: Pound Chatter
Topic: Memorable Movie Moments
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